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On this website you will find discussions on various subjects.

Among these subjects will be:

NES Off Switch.  Congress created vast powers for the President,  but created no safety switch

3 Statements, PPSS Report   - Zero IRS pays bills.  So said President Reagan.  

Stop Monster Health Bill in the Senate in December 2009 and January, 2010

Guilt of the 4 Isms . . . . Democratism = Socialism = Communism = Fascism

Scared? Read this paper before Guilt. It's short.

Fiedor Report On the News -- " Most Significant Newsletter in America "

Contents - Topics of Alphabetized for your Convenience

Control List shows power grab items -- you decide -- Also check out the Time Line.

Limited Federal Government - back to our Founding Fathers

Money is Unreal -- The friendly Vortex will transport you to explorations into the Theory of Intangibleness.

This is not for ordinary readers. The Fed and IRS will be found unconstitutional, lurking in the realm of Intangibleness.

Grace Commission - Zero IRS tax sees Congress to pay bills!

Congressman Ron Paul says we are broke, yet promote war and welfare.

Mechanics of UN Dictatorship in place, ready! Guns next -- History

Klamath Basin/Scott Valley. Notice to federal Agencies and Courts.

Congress and White House put on Notice. They have no excuse for info in Cox Report.

Donnelly Collection - Largest collection of Executive Orders, etc, on the Internet

Calfraud - exposing fraud in California. Feinstein stealing $billions in gold from bankrupt California.

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