The Bog Trail

Marshland Acquisition for Questionable Motives

As you research, bear in mind that

the "profit is in the process",

not the completion.


Cargill Salt Flats, etc - Davis is hurriedly closing land sales before the recall election.

Corridor, etc

Mission Bay Project



Mission Bay Project, San Francisco

There is also a Mission Bay, or Beach, in San Diego. Don't confuse the two.

Catellus, AEW Capital to develop $295M Mission Bay project - 2001 ...

Seifel Consulting Inc - Mission Bay Redevelopment Project - 28 years to complete. Watch their stocks.

Mission Bay project stays alive despite downturn

UCSF has big plans.

Mission Bay Project Online Mitigation Status

Catellus Development Corporation - Mission Bay Project Status ...

Seismic Replacement at the New UC. Sound strangely interesting.

Bay Bridge Bike Trail - You might check out the history on this one.

Catellus and Solem

EIP Associates



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