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Fiedor Report on the News (Heads Up) by Doug Fiedor. Most Significant. Defending Constitution.
Forest Glen Durland, Webmaster.
Executive Orders - most complete collection on the Internet.
IRS - unconstitutional and with no legal authority to enforce. See Topics.
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I need info on ChemTrails, if any, and bad water in Sydney, Australia. Please click here.

George Hansen, The Fed's Poster Boy.
Take a look at what the Feds did to this retired Congressman.

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Nearly all is controlled. Our Constitution allows Congress only about 18 areas in which to legislate. Yet in flagrant violation, they have passed laws that now control nearly every movement. Worse yet, our President and Congress are selling us to the UN. In my effort to save this country, I am swamped fighting every angle. Please read and think. All is documented. Please start with my Prologue.
Now read about what he controls - Klinton's Kowboys - blood chilling
Read more facts in Heads Up

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  --EO 13132 "Federalism" Fully Disclosed Right Here 

--Cement Mixer: Pouring New White House foundation  

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It is truly a sin when a ruler's subjects make such ridicule of him, rather, them, in this case. But the obvious scandals and lawlessness are so blatant that we must. We must laugh or die from within.
Irony Mill 
Hillary wrote the impeachment research. (Barr) Been 24 years. Monica is 24. (ICE) 8<) 



Quote of Quotes: 
"This President [Clinton] is skilled at telling us what did not happen and what is not true. ... America needs a leader, not a lawyer." 
Senator Ashcroft in a letter. Well put, Senator. 

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Look at what we voted into the Clinton White House: Perverts, bisexuals ... 
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Money Is Unreal: Blowing Whistle on Fed 
Fiedor Report Newsletters - frank and new 
State of the Union 1998 - Doug Fiedor 
Finance Govt without income tax and debt! 
School -Truth to students; Ed; Goals 2000 
Ritalin worse than cocaine. G2000 pushes it! 
Environment, NWO-New World Order 
Durland Dares Congress 
Stop all wars with this simple method 
Most significant discovery 
Missing 13th Amendment, and more ... 
Articles on our Constitution 
Worthy Articles 
Sites of Merit 
Law Library for reference - EOs, Laws 
Forest' Shortcuts to news, laws and politicians
Humor. We must laugh or die from within. 
Read Tax Bytes for truth and fun. 
Democratic Witches is choice ironic humor.
Headlines that have become Bygone Lines 
Topics - uhuh at a glance
Index and Contents 
Jackie Juntti's WGEN keeps you posted
Claire Wolfe's site is quite informative
Reputable news sites I read
Blitz Central
Congratulations for good blitzing. 
GR Force - Keep your group. Use it. 
Contacting politicians, addresses, finances, letters 
Our situation and the only way out 
Finding Federal Records, Bills, etc. 
CO5 -Washington DC is on notice 
Charges of Treason outlined - indictment 
Time Line to Slavery 
Income tax is unconstitutional 
CAFR reveals hidden millions of your money!
Impeachment of Clinton
4 Actions necessary NOW! 
Nasty weapons aimed at you! 
HAARP can get you from above
Operation Garden Plot - law imprisons civilians 
Prison Camps for you! 
Clinton has power of Hitler! 
UN is taking our drinking water 
Guns - Civilians must keep their guns 
List of Control Items
CIA is biggest illegal drug dealer
Clinton sells 18 ICBMs to China! 
Clinton EO chops our liberties August 12th! 
Also see Dangers of Executive Orders 
Big list of Clinton's acts and axes 
Articles on Fed Scandals 
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