Grassroot Force

( the GR Force )


Statement of Policy.
The GR Force is non-profit. Goal is to organize.
The Idea
Path is Narrow and Dangerous
Why Do We Fight Each Other?
The International Banklords (IBLs) know.
Guns and Militia may be useless in an assault
We can not beat them with guns, but we can defend
State of Control.
Breaking laws is no hope.
Guns offer hope for defense.
Media no hope.
Why we must be peaceful.
Why we must be morally clean.
We Must Control Each Other. Thugs will probably be hired to mess us up.
To Regain Control of Our Country
Federal Hit Goons
State of Control at our Universities.
Basic Law of Economics. Money can NOT cost money!
Let's Think About the Total Situation.
We must all follow one path.
The billionaire banklords have us covered like a steel tent.
Two Tasks Must Be Done.
Maintain your identity and leadership. We all need it.
Individually we will lose it. United we will be a force - the GR Force.
There is only one path to success.
Our physical violence will defeat us.
We must fight without fighting.
Religious reasons for action.
Radio talk shows.
Pass the Word, Please . Time is short.
Why We Must Do Anything
Guidelines for the Grassroot Force ( The GR Force )
Purpose. The GR Force is non-profit.
Additional Information - Documentation
Statement of Policy


The main purpose of the GR Force (Grassroot Force ) is to organize and unite the independent movements rebelling against our government into a unified and peaceful movement in an effort to save America from impending disaster at the hands of the billionaire banklords. The GR Force is non-profit and is not intended to make a financial fortune. All needed funding as of 5-3-03 has come out of webmaster Forest Glen Durland’s private pocket. Note the uhuh footer: "Don’t send money. Call Jo(e) Congress."


The Idea


 Path Is Narrow and dangerous

As substantiated in the Uhuh web site, the path to success in regaining control of our country is very narrow and fraught with false shame and death. It is more than obvious to all of us practical people that we must unite and push forward in one unified direction if we are to break the strangle hold the billionaire banklords relentlessly tighten on us.

If we all keep puttering around solo on our own pursuits, we will be like stampeding cattle. With absolutely no rational sense, we are stampeding at an alarmingly increasing speed to certain destruction and mental enslavement. We must get our act together. Hey, folks, sit back and consider these ideas presented here. This Grassroot Force will show us the only available trail out of this economic box canyon.

By combining all our forces and influence, we will create a force that will change the direction of our Congress and our country.


Why Do We Fight With Each Other?

It has been reasoned that a prime factor in the success of the billionaire banklords’ control of us people is our tendency to fight among ourselves. By exploiting that trait, the banklords can keep us totally under their control. If the powers of money can keep us fighting (and it certainly appears that they have been)

1. they will keep us unhappy so that we fight more,

2. we will destroy our environment,

3. we will destroy our society and government, and

4. we will always be broke, always borrowing from those same money powers.

Think about that for awhile. Even militia assaults are futile. They are fighting our government, which is us. We are the government. Think about it. We either get together and clean up this mess peacefully and legally, or we lose our way of life. It is that serious.

There is only one path to success, and that is to regain control of Congress and see that they do as we people desire, not the billionaire banklords.

The sages have stated, and it is now clear:

Whoever, or whatever, controls the money

controls all people and most things.

And that is precisely where the billionaire banklords have us by the tender tendons. They wield complete control over us and our economy.


State of Control

Let us put our feet flat on the ground and do some down to earth thinking. After twenty years of research, thought and study, here is what I come up with:

 I have reasoned that we must remain as

clean as a Sunday school teacher’s shirt.

It is most probable that the billionaire banklords control laws by controlling Congress and by appointing judges, so

we can not beat them in court.

It is most probable that the billionaire banklords control enforcement by controlling the White House that controls the Pentagon, FBI, Secret Service, CIA, IRS and Federal Marshals, so

we can not beat them with guns.

It is most probable that the billionaire banklords control the mainstream media and its content, so

we can not beat them with TV and newspapers.

We must earn and maintain a reputation of decency.

The media will be watching.

America is definitely brain washed and controlled.

The only avenue remaining is a peaceful attack on Congress.

A good way to start is to trash your TV.

Then maybe you could think on your own.


We Must Control Each Other

We must check ourselves and each other to assure us that we do not venture from these guidelines. For to speak too much could easily feed discrepancy into the media. This could only do us damage. There is little to remember:

P = Peaceful

L = Legal

M = Moral

C = "Congress create needed money and never borrow." Say no more!!!


PLMC. That is really all we need to know.

The media will be hounding everyone to talk too much to give them rope to hang us with.

The billionaire banklords will be tempting us to break laws as well as speak libel so they can whip us in court.

We can ill afford to be tied up in court by the billionaire banklords who have an unlimited supply of our money to hassle us with.

We must keep our mouths shut and march relentlessly on Congress, always staying on trail. Our only words will be, "Congress create needed money. Never borrow." Quoth the raven, borrow no more. Like, knock off that old stuff, Man.

It must always be remembered that it is highly probable that the billionaire banklords will hire thugs to mingle with us and cause trouble. Always be on the lookout for this false leadership.


To Regain Control

To regain control of this country, we people must make it known to our Congressional Representatives that

Congress will create needed money,

but not too much, as instructed by our Constitution, and

never borrow again.

If Congress can not follow the will of us people, their respective, political butts must be booted out so we can vote in someone that will!


Federal Hit Goons

If I make any progress at all, and I expect to, President Clinton’s and Vice President Gore’s Secret Service and Federal hit Marshalls will almost certainly be attempting to stop me to protect "their" billionaire banklords. At that time, should it occur, be cautious. Please be informed that I, Forest Glen Durland, will not back down or stop my assault short of death or victory. It is all I have left to give my children.

The banklords are presently using the people to destroy themselves, so I am showing the people how to defend themselves, using the same weapon the billionaire banklords are using. The banklords weapon is ingenious. The victims fight to protect the very weapon that is destroying and enslaving them. Common sense dictates that we use that same weapon to shoot the banklords’ buckshot back at the banklords.

Those guys have the Pentagon backing them, so there is no way I can beat them with guns. Getting the truth to you people is my only hope, and yours, too. Think about that for awhile.


State of Control at Our Universities

My reasoning on the state of control in America might well be applied to the universities, though on a lesser scale. It is from our leading universities that Congress gets much of its information to make decisions. We must deal with this situation.

1. It can well be reasoned that the administrators of universities are quiet politicians, and as such can be expected to follow the status quo as the path of least resistance.

2. Our university professors do not seem dedicated to expound the truth. As such, they will not be open to thinking about the Basic Law of Economics.

3. Constantly searching for operating funds, all university profs and presidents will be quite friendly with banklords. Ph.D.s will expound the traditional theories of money and interest.

4. This association with banklords and Ph.D.s will transmute all university minds to a state incapable of comprehending the

Basic Law of Economics which states that

money can not cost money!

This truth strikes at the very core of our problems and must be recognized. This law stands totally at odds with conventional banking wisdom.


Total Situation

Now, guys and gals, stop and think about this total situation for a moment. Those billionaire banklords may be vilely corrupt, but they are not stupid. They have us covered like a tent - a steel tent. But for all their awesome power, they have one death spot: The creation and control of money. As pointed out time and again in this Uhuh web page, if Congress will abolish the Federal Reserve System (the Fed), create needed money and never borrow again, it will cut those money mongers right in two at the belt line. That is our only path to victory. But fortunately, it is both powerful and practical. And it is simple.

That sole path to victory is narrow and lined with death and media smears.

The only way we can win is to unite in one, simple, forceful and peaceful thrust at our Congress. To fight separately plays right in to the hands of the billionaire banklords.

We must not separately fight. We must unite.

We must peacefully straighten out Congress.

Again, there is only one path, and it is narrow. We must convince everyone to call their Congressional Representatives and let them know that we people are running this Constitutional Republic, and if they don’t believe us, watch our impeachment action. That is where we still have power that will get results.

But we must do it without the benefit of the mainstream media. Don’t say to much!! Simply refer everyone to this Uhuh web site.


Two Tasks

In summary, there are two chores we must get gone:

1. We must convince everyone to get after Congress.

2. We must force Congress to create needed money and never borrow.

To implement these two tasks, all people must set aside all other personal preferences and unite to do these chores.

Set aside your religious goals, your accusations, your grievances, your military endeavors.

Focus your newsletters, radio talk shows and web pages on these goals of The GR Force.

Keep it simple and forceful.

Working separately we are divided and playing right into the hands of the billionaire banklords that control us, for it is most likely that the banklords succeed by causing us people to fight amongst ourselves. Therefore, it is imperative and most sensible that we do the opposite. We must all follow one path. The only feasible path is outlined right here. As I see it, folks, we follow it or lose our country.

After we get our country back, then return to your personal goals and the goals of your organization. At that time, and most probably not before, you will have a country in which to achieve your worthwhile goals. But until that time, please understand that working separately you will not even dent the billionaire banklords. All you will be doing is letting off some personal steam. That is not enough. We must force Congress to support us people out here on the ground. We must all get our act together in one simple and united thrust if we are to cause our Congress to cut off a most powerful force in the world today - the power of money that is completely controlled by the billionaire banklords.

 Keep your identity. Maintain your leadership. We desperately need both. But we must all work together along one simple path until we regain control of Congress. We must remain peaceful, for when we become physically violent, we lose. Strange concept, isn’t it? Fight without fighting. Well, those banklords may be without mercy, but they are not stupid. They most probably figured that out long ago. (I won’t mention the gruesome conclusions uncovered by research on this subject. It gets plenty nasty.) But we must also always remember that we must not waste time pointing fingers of blame. That plays right back into the hands of the banklords. We can not beat them in court if they should fight back on accusations. The only sensible thing to do is to fix the problem. That is all we have time for. And, really, that is all we need to do. We do not have reserves, time or power to waste anywhere else. So, let’s fix the problem in the only way available before we lose this country, and then get back to doing our individual things. Everything will be much easier then with debt free money and no more interest.

Tactfully used, the GR Force could be the glue that binds us to one ideal and guides us to success along the only trail available. The GR Force could be the bold cowboy that leads the stampeding cattle to safety. This Grassroot Force has as its goal the organizing of loose knit and independent movements into one big and powerful march on Congress. So lead on. Keep plenty of fresh horses handy. And keep yourself morally clean and in good health, ready to ride ahead of wild fire, lest you get trampled by the herd misled by the billionaire banklords. You can expect the billionaire banklords to counter you at every bend and in some straight places as well.

We must unite or lose our country and our way of life!

And we must remain peaceful.

We must earn a decent reputation.

We just want our country back.

Our national motto states something about United We Stand, Divided We Fall. E Pluribus Unum used to mean "one of many".


Pass the Word, Please

So, tell everyone about this Uhuh web page and The GR Force and encourage them to discuss it and pass the word on. Contact webmaster Forest Glen Durland and request laser hard copy to pass on. We must communicate on a person to person basis because we can not beat the banklords with the media. But we still have the U. S. Postal Service, World Wide Web, telephone, fax, and, of course, our voices and ears. To reach all of America soon, each of us must contact at least twenty people. 100 would be much more sensible. That way our communication will expand exponentially, the same speed the banklords are controlling us, only to our benefit this time.

And speaking of time, we have little to waste. Take a peek at Theories for a picture of our impending destruction and enslavement. We must unite and peacefully retake our Congress, now. We can do it, if we only will.


Why We Must Do Anything

In case you were wondering just why we were doing what anyway, take a look at the Uhuh Prologue. It lays out the problem in no nonsense words. Everything else you need to know is at your finger tips at the Uhuh web site contents page.

Grassroot Force

(The GR Force)



Grassroot Force is concerned with those people and groups that are attempting to change our government back to what it was intended to be: for the benefit of all of us, not just a few rich guys. The main purpose of the GR Force ( Grassroot Force ) is to organize and unite these independent movements rebelling against our government into a unified and peaceful movement in an effort to save America from impending disaster. The principal of synergy states that the whole is more powerful than its parts. This can certainly be true in this case.

The GR Force is non-profit and is not intended to make a financial fortune. All needed funding as of 1-1-97 has come out of webmaster Forest Glen Durland’s private pocket.


The GR Force was created to organize all such grassroots groups into one force with one direction and one goal. For that reason, the singular is used to signify one force of many. Thus, grassroots groups become Grassroot Force.

Goals of Grassroot Force (GR Force)
1. The long term goal is to save America from destruction at the hands of the billionaire banklords (bank owners).
2. The medium term goal is to force Congress to create money instead of borrowing it.
3. The short term goals are
a. to get voters to the voting booths, well aware of their power over Congress.
b. to force Congress to create needed money and never borrow.
c. to impeach those members of Congress who do not hear and support us.
4. When representing or associating with the GR Force and/or Uhuh, all participants agree to
a) Remain honest always and to tell the whole truth from the honest viewpoint.
b) Never to use or involve immoral language or acts. We must deserve a reputation as decent, law abiding, peace loving people. The media will be observing. We can not beat the banklords with TV and newspapers.
c) Stay within the law, always. We can not beat the banklords in the courts.
d) Refrain from any violence. We can not beat the banklords with guns.
e) Never talk too much. We can not beat the banklords in court in libel suits. All we need to say is, "Congress create needed money and never borrow."
f) Support Uhuh and the goals of Uhuh and its policy of a DFMS (Debt Free Monetary System).
5. We just want our country back.
6. Our only sensible course is to take control of Congress away from the Banklords and create our money ourselves through Congress.


No big deal written charter is needed. Just remember these worthwhile goals and adhere to them.

See that everyone else adheres to them. If they don’t, ask them about it.

The goals of the GR Force are copyrighted, so legally no one can use the GR Force in any other way, and can not copy or change the GR Force.

People using the GR Force must follow these copyrighted guidelines.


This document and all its contents, Grassroot Force, the GR Force, DFMS, Uhuh, Jolly Tax, Kick Debt & Taxes, KickDebt and Debtless America are Copyright 1996 by Forest Glen Durland and can not be altered or sold. Permission is granted to copy this entire The GR Force document intact for reasonable distribution. Also, GRF, as used to refer to Grassroot Force and the GR Force, is also copyrighted 1996 by Forest Glen Durland.

Additional Information

It is important that we recognize the difference between bankers and banklords. Staff bankers are the good people that we see and deal with in the bank. It is the bank owners that we must confront, so I have labeled them banklords. Both terms are copyrighted. It is the banklords that count their assets in the billions of dollars that are the real culprits. I call them billionaire banklords.

1Uhuh footer: "Don’t send money. Call Jo(e) Congress."

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