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20 Century Impeachment

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Hillary Clinton and Al Gore

both have Filed for Presidential Candidate in 2000

as well as Senator.

Are they collecting for TWO campaigns?

Go see for yourself by clicking right here: Flashing Light

Now try to figure all that out.

White House Death Squad - as one reporter put it.

There over 30 sites now monitoring the untimely deaths and disappearances of those who crossed Clinton.

Purple GyroscopePress this door bell if you dare to venture in.

Don't believe it?  
Hey, you Bill Clinton lovers -- Read this one by a top national journalist, Joe Farrah
So you like Hillary ? Well, take a look at these.
The re-emergence of Hillary Rodham Clinton
A Few of Hillary Clinton's Greatest Hits from Undernews
Clinton Body Count - Medium Rare by Jim Rarey


Hillary Clinton capers
Hillary Clinton might be our next President.


Yes, on this 9th day of April, 2000, there stands a vociferously ominous possibility that Hillary Clinton might be our next president (Heaven forbid, Mohammed forbid, Buddha and all the other Ggods forbid [take your pick of spelling].)
I'm not saying she will be. I am saying there is a high probability she will be. And that is scary.
Maybe with your help we can prevent this potential calamity.
Here's the reasoning:
Enough dirt on Gore is coming out to put him away - far away.
Enough dirt on Bill Clinton is surfacing to put him very far away.
The current dirt surfacing in Washington DC is far more serious than the first impeachment.
The Cuban boy in Florida is being used to Wag Another Dog to cover the press.
If Gore gets bumped out of the race, that leaves only two candidates registered for President:
*Bradley -- Not even the Democrats like him, so he is out.
*Hillary Clinton -- Yes, she is registered to run. Go see for yourself.
It can be assumed without question that Hillary wants to be president.
Remember "We are the President?"
Forest Glen Durland flatly states that Hillary Clinton would literally kill to be president.
About 43 % of die hard Democrats will vote Democrat no matter who is running.
That leaves only a small fraction of the voters to sway for a victory.
A vote for a third party will be a vote for a Democrat because it will split the Republican vote.
Now get this:
Hillary Clinton's philosophy will attract the votes of the non-family groups.
Hillary Clinton controls the mainstream media
and will have full support of about 90 % of the mainstream media.
Hillary Clinton is actually our President right now, at this time!
It's called Co-President and is very unconstitutional and illegal.
Therefore, Hillary has all the cards on her side of the table.
Hillary can get rid of Al Gore and Bill Clinton at the same time and move back into the White House.
And don't think for a moment she won't.
If Al and Bill are nice and cooperate,
she might even cut a deal with them and pardon them,
thus keeping the 1st and 2nd traitors out of jail.
Hillary will probably stay out of jail.
Independent Counsel Ray let her off Filegate (the FBI files).
Hillary will fix the rest of it. She is in power now.
And you thought Bill Clinton was bad? Looks who's behind him pushing.
Next guess is yours: Who will be Hillary's vice-president? Janet Reno?
Then we would have 1st and 2nd queer traitors to look up to.
Forest Glen Durland, Webmaster

Hillary is our Co-President
The Father of our Constitution, James Madison, and two other Founders wrote a series of papers explaining the new Constitution to the people. Collectively these papers are known as the Federalist Papers and are referred to often by the Supreme Court. In the Heads Up Index there are 4 entries on this subject. The documentation to the Federalist Papers is included. This essays are linked here as The Coup, Federalist Papers, No Co-Prez and More No Co-Prez.


Hillary Clinton Controls the Media


Hillary is in control. There is no doubt. But it is a bit difficult to document while she is in control.
Take a peek at Heads Up in the Media List.
Forest Glen Durland ran up against a stone wall when trying to expose the CIA activity importing drugs. This story is well documented. Click on CIA and Dark Alliance for excellent reading demonstrating the control our federal government over the media. Death is included -- It's serious, Folks.

Hillary Clinton and the non-family groups
Hillary Clinton will attract the votes from those that do not put honorable family life first. Why don't you verify it? Find out first hand what Hillary is really like. Nothing is secret and nothing is sacred in Washington DC. All this stuff is common knowledge. So, call somebody you know and trust that works in Washington and ask them. They will need to be higher than the floor scrubbers. But don't ask any Democrats -- They are all in the muck to their ears with the Clintons. Senator Feinstein is one of the biggest crooks in our nation, deep in Chinagate scandal with C2G (Clinton, Clinton and Gore). Senator Boxer is a shirtail relative of Clinton. So don't ask them, unless you want lied to.


Find someone that has a little responsibility and ask them. Prepare for an earful. Washington is a cesspool.

Hillary Clinton was selected tops by the Homos in SF, Cal. Shows who supports her.


21st Century Impeachment Proceedings




Blow by Blow Account

of the ClintonS Trial


( This is the old 20th Century Impeachent stuff.
Click here for the 21st Century Impeachment )

Citizen's Impeachment Petition - Sign and send now!

Impeachment Central - on FreeRepublic
Impeachment Information - Congressman Barr of Georgia
Committee to Impeach the President - CIC is an authorized program of the Council of Volunteer Americans.
Petition For The Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton
Impeach Clinton Now
Janet Reno Violates Ethics In Government Act - Washington Weekly. By Wesley Phelan.
More treason is in the air (Media Bypass)
Libertarians Demand Impeachment! (Libertarian Party)
Facism invades America! Open your eyes. (Farah) 
Lotts report to Clinton - July 14, 1998. Puts Clinton on notice. WnWeekly

 This is just the beginning. Go to the Impeachment Page for more stuff.

Meantime, you might visit the scandals below.
The upshot of all this is most depressing. When Clinton walked free from impeachment, I realized that we people no longer have a Congress. Clinton has a Congress, but we do not. Make no mistake about it.


When the Cox Report was withheld, I knew that we people would no longer know the truth for prosecution so long as Clinton remained in the White House. We are in very deep trouble, Folks.


Forest Glen Durland, Webmaster

So you think you have problems. Read this assassination talk by former Secret Service Agents.
The Complete Clinton Calendar - Clinton Scandals Chronology -
To get all the files, change ca1 to ca2, ca3, etc up to ca19. That's ca1 ... ca19.
Click here for the Home Page of Mo.
Assorted Corruption, mostly Clinton style.
Chinese ICBMs pointed our way.
Clinton EO #13083 chops our liberties May 14th! HU 87 exposes a really threat.
Clinton's EO #13083 on Federalism is blown wide open. Take a look.
Clinton's Rogues Gallery - scroll down to it
Cops Know Clinton Is a Phony. Great essay by Jon Dougherty.
Few of Hillary Clinton's Greatest Hits, A
Heads Up 78 exposes the NWO reaching for American throats.
Heads Up 79 lays out the players in the game
Here is another guy's Clinton Scandal Page.
New Australian blasts Clinton Administration, levels tough charges.
Read Clinton's first promise -- and smirk
State of the Union 1998 explains the power control.


Check out the EO Hub for groups of EOs.

The Butt of the Jokes

Laugh or die from within.

Clinton's Confession

Clinton and the Omen . This picture is the essence of prophesy. It's Reply #5 on FreeRepublic.

Venture into the Clinton Morgue and Crematorium

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