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Amendments to our Constitution


Bill Of Rights - Courtesy Jon Roland's Constitution site at 

Amendment 13 was unlawfully removed from our Constitution. Essay by Forest Glen Durland. (See Becraft below. )

Thumbnail pic of title page of 1825 Constitution
Thumbnail pic of 13th Amendment in 1825

Click either picture to view two pages from the original Constitution printed in 1825 in Maine. These files are big. It takes about a minute and a half for them to fully appear on your screen at 28800, longer for slower modems. But its worth the wait to see the truth on the aging paper.

Amendment Missing - Was the 13th Amendment illegally removed.? Was the 16th Amendment legally ratified? Income tax is unconstitutional. Article by "the Pen".

Becraft on Missing 13th Amendment. Reputable Attorney Becraft presents proof Missing 13th never ratified.

Becraft Explains the term "Esquire"

Article on TONA

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