FAC 1: You paranoid chemtrail conspiratorialists are seeing normal sky spoor from a marked increase in commercial air traffic. Combined with changing atmospheric conditions, these wetter and denser air masses are leading to lingering contrails and the artificial formation of cirrus-type clouds from ice-crystal condensation left by "rush hour" jet traffic.

Ans: There is no question that air traffic is up sharply throughout the world. (See "Jets" under "Investigations" Also that atmospheric changes (including increased moisture) are contributing to increased natural and artificial cloud formation.

But experienced pilots, military personnel and other qualified observers note that:

1. Normal contrails usually dissipate within a minute after formation.

Many long-lingering "chemtrails" currently being reported across North America are being made at altitudes between 8,000 and 10,000 feet - well below the stratosphere where ice-crystal cloud condensation forms. Indeed, commercial aircraft entering spray zones often emit no contrails alongside "chemtrail" spraying aircraft. Commercial jets leaving fast-fading pencil-thin contrails are also being observed alongside fatter, billowing "chemtrails" that linger and spread out at the same altitude for hours, completely obscuring the sky.

2. Commercial aircraft do not cross each other's flight paths in Xs and grid-patterns at the same altitude. Nor do formations of two or more airliners fly back-and-forth in formation across the same patch of clear sky for hours at a time.

3. Commercial aircraft prominently display their airline logo, "colors" and registration numbers. Videotaped KC-135 and KC-10 spray aircraft are usually painted white and carry no identification markings.

4. Normal contrails come from the engines and wingtips of high-flying aircraft. They do not stream from the tails of airplanes equipped with wing-mounted engines. Chemtrails, on the other hand, have been observed through telescopes and binoculars to be streaming from tanker tailbooms pointing downward at a 60-degree angle. And from wings, where aerial tanker refueling probes are also deployed.

4. Contrails do not make people sick. Hundreds of eye-witnesses have become ill within hours of watching chemtrails woven over their heads. Many have tasted and smelled something metallic or corrosive in the air. Put the dates and locations of peak hospital admissions beside "spray days" - they match.

5. Contrails do no rain cobweb-like material and jello-like "goo" over porches, powerlines and police cruisers. Perhaps caused by misadjusted or malfunctioning spray nozzles, this material has been found to contain jet fuel and pathogens - including molds and bacteria and DNA-altering "restrictor enzymes" found only in research laboraties. Some of these pathogens can cause pneumonia and upper-respiratory distress.


FAC 2: You are unfairly casting aspersions on the US military, accusing them of poisoning their own people. Ans: Two Senate investigations have documented "Open air" biowarfare testing by the Pentagon over hundreds of American cities since 1949. But because spray aircraft are unmarked, I cannot assert at this time that the US government and/or US military are responsible. These agencies are accountable, however, for allowing these overflights to continue.

FAC 3: You have absolutely no proof that these "contrails" are causing illness on the ground. Have you forgotten that it is the height of flu and asthma season?

Ans: Even at the height of the flu season, hospitals and doctors' offices across the USA, as well as in Canada and England are typically operating at twice their usual winter influx of respiratory patients, with Emergency Rooms jammed and some hospitals closed to new admissions. Why an epidemic of pneumonia, bronchitis and other upper repiratory illnesses continues to afflict so many North Americans is unknown at this time. It is suggestive that almost all outdoor observers of spraying have become sick with extreme respiratory symptoms within 48 hours of witnessing "contrails" unusual enough to excite comment and cause cameras and camcorders to be aimed skyward. Usually associated with damp, wet climates, outbreaks of bronchitis across the American southwest are unprecedented. It is also suggestive that a nationwide 1-800-I-GOT-FLU tracking program is open only to participants who "qualify" by exhibiting specific symptoms after being exposed within a certain radius of known outbreaks - within a specified time period. It is also disturbing that on each of the three occasions that Washington state resident William Wallace has complained to the media of spraying over his remote mountain cabin, he and his wife Ann have been attacked by jet and propeller aircraft diving in at treetop height to release spray over their property. William and Ann Wallace are now very sick - with William exhibiting several "marker" symptoms for infectious Mycoplasm Fermentans, the infamous Gulf War Illness. After investigating GWI and exposing the origins of Gulf War Illness in my book, Bringing The War Home, it is my opinion of this writer that the outbreaks of Lupus, double-pneumonia, meningitis and Fibromyalgia following some spraying incidents could actually be the look-alike symptoms of Mycoplasma infection. The pneumonia outbreaks being reported across the USA may also be caused by Mycoplasm Pneumonia. Sputum and blood tests should be carried out to test this hypothesis.

Until the lab results are in, lack of "proof" should not obscure an overwhelming preponderance of pattern and precident. If a thousand people crowded around a field are sprayed with an unknown substance by unidentified aircraft...and if many of those people fall sick enough to be rushed to hospital...what would you conclude?

William Thomas


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