Fire on Civilians - 1

 By Forest Glen Durland

The U. S. military machine is shifting from war at the front lines with enemy solders to non-lethal war with civilians to quell uprisings. This bodes ill for America. An article in U.S. News and World Report entitled "Wonder Weapons" (July 7, 1997) described some of the weapons already developed. The comic book structure of the article displayed soldiers using stun guns on civilians.

The non-lethal weapons were divided into three categories.

1. Lasers. Can cause temporary blindness. (I seem to remember an article stating that those lasers could permanently blind and kill.)

2. Sonic (or acoustic) - when set to match the frequencies of a person's internal organs, the resultant vibrations can stun, cause nausea, or reduce people to quivering diarrheic messes.

3. MW (microwave or electromagnetic) - causes discomfort, fever or death.

The new weapons are available in sizes to fit rifles on up to humvees and tanks. The targets can be anything imaginable. But the worst threat of all is the secrecy of OUR government. The new tools of horror disappear in the Black Budget and nobody will talk about them. One can not help but wonder why OUR military is using OUR money to develop weapons to use on civilians, and then refuse to talk about it. The very thought of the situation is chilling.

To open your mind to reality, the non-lethal anti-personnel weapons have been used in a military "low intensity conflict" exercises in the United States since 1994. Yes - right here in America. One training exercise was called Cooperative Nugget '97 and occurred in the summer of 1997 at the U. S. Army's Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana. 2,500 America troops were joined by 1,100 troops from NATO and "Partnership for Peace" nations. Now get this: Americans in civilian attire played the role of hostile civilians and protesters, etc., in the "peace keeping" exercises. It was definitely noticeable that the conflict was against civilians, not against soldiers.

PDD 25 (Presidential Decision Directive), signed by Clinton on May 3, 1994, puts America troops under foreign command. You no doubt remember the big question that was asked shortly thereafter. Our Marines were asked if they would fire on Americans. The U. S. military denied asking the question until they had it rammed down their throat. Again we have the secrecy threat. Why? You no doubt remember the unannounced raids in populated cities on empty buildings. Local residents were scared half to death. Many of you would not have heard about it because it was not carried by the main stream media. Again, we have the secrecy cloak. And again I ask, why?

This next item is best quoted intact:

Evolution of Post Modern Warfare

A projection published in the January '96 professional journal of the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, N.C. sheds even more light on this ominous evolution of military doctrine. In the scenario, the ongoing "revolution of military affairs" (RMA) will lead to a 21st century police state capable of using "bioelectronics", "psychotechnology" and chemical tranquilizers to fight "conflicts short of war" and subdue restive populations - including Americans. The U. S. adopted a strategy of "dynamic defense", a use of "computer-controlled perception-moulding systems" and other forms of mind control. "The old Cold War structures - Department of Defense, Department of State, Central Intelligence Agency", etc., were replaced by two organizations called "The Conflict Preemption Agency" and the "Conflict Containment Agency". The latter agency "integrated the military [and] civilian law enforcement" and intelligence agencies. "The organizational division between the military and law-enforcement was abolished." (Source: The New American magazine April 29, 1996).


It is all too clear to me what the real motive is. When I add the many successful attacks on our Constitution by our presidents while Congress sits ignorantly by, the picture becomes horribly ominous. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are nearly worthless. Monthly, it seems, some new bill or treaty takes us further away from our Constitution, giving more dictatorial control to Clinton and ultimate control to the United Nations, which is controlled by the NWO - the New World Order, which is controlled by a few international banking families. We are losing our country! And now we are paying for a force to subdue us if we should object.

For a bit of reality, consider the many unconstitutional acts of the IRS. Reasonable warrants are clearly required for entry, search and seizure. There is no law that requires a U. S. citizens to pay one dime of income tax if they work in the U. S. but not for the federal government. Yet with no warrant of any kind and no announcement, armed IRS agents break, enter, seize, abduct, terrify and jail. Then to add insult to injury, judges enforce a law that does not exist and send people to prison. All those enforcers probably took an oath and swore to uphold the Constitution of the U. S. By the very words of that Constitution, they are guilty of treason. The enforcers are aiding some enemy of us people as our Constitution is destroyed.

Now folks, what you are reading here is hard, cold fact, all supportable. This stuff is happening. When you say that it will never happen to you, ask yourself why you are paying illegal income taxes to create and train foreign troops to quell civilian uprisings right here in America. To add a little more realism to this actual, true, real life science fiction occurrence, consider the 100 prison camps for civilians here in America in times of peace. At least one of them is manned by soldiers that can not speak American. Then ask why you seldom, if ever, read or hear about any of this in the mainstream media.

Will America troops fire on Americans? Probably not. But bitter foreign troops will. Your tax dollars are training foreign troops in America. Do they hate Americans?


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