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NV: New Western Calvary Takes to the Air Defense

By Janine Hansen

Published 09. 25. 02 at 6:16 Sierra Time

Nevada Committee for Full Statehood (NCFS) members Sam Dupuis, Jeanne Voigts and Dave Shumann, took to the air and flew reconnaissance for the Dann sisters, of Crescent Valley, Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management, headed on the ground by BLM State Director Boss (Bob) Abbey, was directing the massive air and land roundup of Dann cattle from their historic Shoshone lands. Two hundred twenty-seven head were rounded up according to the BLM. Raymond Yowell, Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council, who also had his cattle impounded earlier this year, was in two-way radio communication with the NCFS plane at one-half hour intervals.

"The Nevada Committee for Full Statehood protests the confiscation of cattle in Nevada by unelected and unaccountable federal bureaucrats," Janine Hansen, Executive Director of the Committee said. "We are totally opposed to this unlawful seizure of property without due process of law or a legally signed brand inspection paper. The State of Nevada has involved itself in cattle rustling again. This is nothing but tyranny," said Hansen.

Jeanne Voigts, from Genoa, Nevada, commented that, "we saw the BLM in Pine Valley driving cattle towards the corrals. We flew the whole ranch several times. The Dann cattle had been in the mountains and were driven off by the BLM. There is not overgrazing. It’s all a BLM a lie."

Sam Dupuis, the pilot, seconded Voigts in a phone interview with him from his home in Topaz, Nevada. "I didn’t see anything wrong with the range and there was lots of good water in the springs."

"When we circled the BLM base camp and corrals several times, the helicopter on the helipad lifted off and pursued us as we left the area in an attempt to intimidate us. They didn’t have a chance of catching us though," said Dupuis.

David Shumann Vice-Chairman of the Nevada Committee for Full Statehood stated, "This made us witnesses. We can now swear to the things the feds have lied about, like their claim that there are over 800 Dann horses out there. We didn’t see any horses out there. If the feds ‘seize’ 800 horses on that land, they will be wild horses, which the feds themselves have placed on the land. They will do this so as to be able to bill the Dann sisters for ‘removing’ the horses. We flew over the entire area."

"By broaching the subject of 800 horses, the Feds have betrayed a dirty little secret that they have used to dispossess other ranchers of their grazing allotments. They dump wild horses onto an allotment. The horses consume the feed, which the allotment-holder pays for and he then has to move his cattle so that they can get enough to eat. Bob Abbey and the other Feds deny this, but in claiming 800 horses where there when there were none, they have exposed themselves," continued Schumann. "We could see from the air that they (BLM) had blocked the roads with multiple vehicles and didn’t open them till the afternoon, when the sheriff insisted again that they open county roads," said Shumann.

"Why is Senator Reid trying to pass a bill for $138,000,000 to buy the Danns and the Shoshone out if they don’t own the land? It’s just government blackmail to force them to give up their land and accept the federal offer," said Shumann.

Jackie Holmgren, also of the Nevada Committee for Full Statehood who was on the ground, said that, "I have never seen anything like it. This was the most militaristic of all BLM operations we have seen so far. We were surrounded by all types of armed BLM gunmen. It truly was the new west Cavalry."


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Email from Forest to the Sierra Times

To: feedback@sierratimes.com

Subject: NV: New Western Calvary Takes to the Air Defense-

A solution will be found at <http://www.uhuh.com>. Click on Klamath. In Limited Federal Government, research with ample documentation shows that the federal government has zero authority on farm land and farm water. Although written with the Klamath Basin in mind, it all applies to all farms and their water.

Constitution Trumps Treaties shows that no treaty can surpass the Constitution.

The BLM is totally in violation of the Constitution in your case, and must be removed. They illegally used guns. Your unalienable rights allow you to use guns to "defend life, liberty and property".


Best of luck,

Forest Glen Durland


More on the Dann Ranch

NV Cattle Rustling: An Eyewitness Report

By The Nevada Livestock Association Published 09. 23. 02 at 17:42 Sierra Time

Cresent Valley, NV - The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) attacked the Dann Sisters from Crescent Valley, Nevada early Sunday morning September 22, 2002 in the Pine Valley area of Eureka County. They impounded an unknown amount of cattle (BLM estimates of 200 head), with the help of Greg Cook of Vernal, Utah, and his hired rustlers as well as from 50 to 100 BLM and federal personnel.

Helicopters and surveillance airplanes roamed the skies. The BLM deployed and established a lock down of a great portion of Eureka county with armed quasi-militarized BLM enforcement officers as well as other federal agents. All access by roads, including the road from Carlin, Nevada and county access roads were blocked by BLM with assistance, on state highways, from the Nevada Highway Patrol.

BLM set up the evening before the attack in Pine Valley. A large base camp with helipad, command post trailers, up to 100 personnel, the majority of which were armed. Various types of weaponry, camouflage, military paraphernalia, night vision scopes, flack vests, as well a some special operations type personnel. Manned four-wheel drive pickups and special camo- green ATV’s were deployed through out the area.

Members of the Western Shoshone Nation and their supporters had been forewarned by an anonymous caller of the attack and were in the mountains to peacefully protect the cattle and document developments, none were armed. In the early morning darkness they were surrounded by BLM rangers with sidearms. They were instructed to immediately vacate the area. When they questioned why, "We were told the BLM was conducting an unidentified operation and that we needed to leave, immediately. We told them we were here to document the actions of the BLM and that we were not blocking the road and not threatening them in any way. We were not armed," said Christopher Sowall of the Western Shoshone Defense Project. They told us we will give you one more warning then we will arrest you. They had night vision scopes. They escorted us out with rangers in front and back who prevented us from stopping, telling us to keep moving until we reached the perimeter they had established," said Sowall. Others in area met a similar fate.

The Nevada Live Stock Association (NVLSA) Chairman David Holmgren, his family and other members supporting the Dann Sisters of Crescent Valley, helped remove some cattle to safety. "All of the cattle were in excellent condition with big calves and lots of milk," said Holmgren. The BLM statement that 'it's just weeds and dirt out there' as reported in the Reno Gazette, is totally false. I want all real ranchers to know that. We friendly cowboys used a leased helicopter ourselves this morning (Sept. 23, 2002) to site more cattle and we are bringing them in before the BLM rustlers get them. We also monitored the BLM," said Holmgren.

Other ranchers in the area were also upset with the gather as their cattle were gathered with the Danns.

"The Nevada Brand Department was in full force, as were Boss Abbey (Nevada BLM State Director) who led the operation and his BLM press correspondent JoLynn Worley, both sporting big cowboy hats," said David Holmgren. Holmgren noted that the Nevada Live Stock Association is the only cattlemen’s association who is supporting ranchers in Nevada who are having their cattle impounded and sold without a court order or due process of law, as well as a phony brand inspection certificate where ownership can be transferred without the real owner’s signature.

Eureka County Sheriff Ken Jones was informed of the situation by Holmgren and that Holmgren and others were being confronted by armed rangers and that the Danns’ and county roads were closed. A Eureka County sergeant was dispatched to the area. A party including Holmgren, were then allowed to proceed. BLM insisted on an armed escort in pickups and ATV’s to the impoundment area. They would be arrested if they left the county road or stepped foot off of it. The last of the cattle were being loaded on Cook leased or owned semi trucks when they arrived at the corrals. Other ranchers who rode up to the corral were stopped and not allowed to get in the corral, "they were kept at a distance," They told us to move on but Carrie (Dann) refused, then Boss Abbey (BLM) said that they had control of the public lands and we weren’t to step off of the road," said Holmgren.

"Remember this is just the beginning, eventually anyone could have their cattle impounded and sold for breaking a BLM rule or regulation," said Holmgren.

The cattle were to be taken to the BLM Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro facility as live stock auctions will not accept them.

Holmgren and his family as well as others from the Nevada Live Stock Association and the Shoshone are still out gathering cattle today. More NVLSA dispatches from the battle front will be forth coming.


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