EO 13083 -- Hitler's ID

By Forest Glen Durland


Executive Order 13083 became law June 13 or 14. It became law automatically while Congress sat on its fat salary and perks. Congress sat around while Clinton quietly attempted to become as powerful as Hitler was. Your own good sense can decide if Clinton can be trusted with that power.

An accumulation of power since FDR, which placed us under continual NES (National Emergency Status), gives our President power our Founding Fathers sought diligently to suppress.

The EO (Executive Order) 13083 starts out nicely enough, rephrasing old hat Constitutional ideals. But in Section 3 the ax falls. The exceptions, "if's" and "unless's" open almost limitless doors for the president, and close them for the American people out here in the States. It continues with a process that thoroughly trashes our Constitution and its inherent Bill of Rights.

Readers are still having trouble with my summary. Many just cannot believe that any President would do such mean things to us. Well, folks, I like to be a nice guy, too, but living 70 years has opened my eyes. I remember Hitler. I remember all those senseless wars in Asia. I can see and I know what the PresidentS Clinton are up to. And in about three years, if you don't do something, you may get you eyes opened very wide, but by then it will probably be too late.

Executive Order 13083 gives federal regulatory agencies authority OVER State and local governments. In a nutshell that gives Clinton complete control. His goal is that of the international banking families -- to own the world.

They already own OUR monetary system, the Federal Reserve System, lock, stock and barrel. That's right. "Our" Fed is owned by about 13 banking families, mostly from Europe.

Let's see what Clinton is already doing. For starters, it has become known that most U.S. businesses are already Y2K compliant. They found it easy to fix their systems and are ready for the new Century. But, come to find out, OUR government does NOT want their computers fixed. They are most probably planning on the Y2K confusion as an excuse to initiate martial law. That's right -- martial law-- right here in America in times of peace.

A senator is documented as talking about it. So there is Hitler 1.

Hitler 2 is in the form of ICBMs. Those are the missiles that shoot across the ocean. China always liked fireworks, so OUR President Clinton fixed them up with some -- 18 to be exact. Nice guy, Slick Willie. To show their appreciation, 13 of them are pointed back at us. Thanks a lot, you guys over there. Frankly, that makes Clinton a traitor if there ever was one. There is Hitler 2.

So, while Clinton is giving America's weapons away, he is also decreasing our military force. And under cover, he is designing weapons and means to control civilians.

There are over 100 prison camps here in America already. Clinton is trying his best to give the UN final authority over our Armed Forces, plus a court over our top courts. There is Hitler 3, 4 and 5.

There is more -- much more.

So, you see, folks, all this means, to be practical and honest, that we must read Executive Order 13083 through the eyes of a traitor with questionable morals, married to woman no better than he is, running this country from the back room of the White House. That includes completely controlling the mainstream media.

Now, what do you think of the Executive Order 13083 entitled Federalism? We are in for a heap of trouble, folks. The way I see it, if we don't make some marks on Congress this summer, we won't even have an open election in November, at which time we MUST replace about half of Congress.

To support us people out here on the ground, candidates must SIGN a contract with us that states that they will:

1. Vote with us people in mind, NOT the bank owners.

2. Force Congress to create needed money, but no more, and cease borrowing.

3. Tell us people the whole truth from an honest viewpoint.

4. Penalty must net loss of office and years in prison. We MUST put teeth in it.


If they won't sign, they do not want to be elected.

These are not the words of some angry kook. This stuff is documented. This is a grandfather desperately trying to save this country for his kids. I do hope you will agree, before we lose it all.


Forest Glen Durland

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I will post the names of the banking families that own the Fed as soon as I find them. They are buried somewhere around here.

The term "PresidentS Clinton" is used to denote the most probable fact that Hillary Clinton is running the United States from the back room of the White House in gross violation of our Constitution. See Heads Up #72.

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Good reading. Thanks for your interest.


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