List of Communism Topics 

Citizens for Constitutional Government. The only difference between communism and socialism is its method of imposition. Fascism is closely related. Beware of the 3 isms.
Communist Goals - from the Congressional Record 1963. This is an eye opener.
Soviet Art of Brainwashing - Kenneth Goff
Ten Planks of Communism with comments
Walking Together - a new movement backed by the Kremlin to return to hard line Soviet Russia
Welome to StalinWorld - for a real world eye opening for you Socialists.
Left-Wing Lingo, Ideologies and History - from DSUSA, a group boasting most Democrats in Congress

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The President and Congress said they are reducing taxes and balancing the budget. uhuh. Sez who?

Smile and Force Congress to Kick the Debt & Taxes Habit with Money System Honesty for We People. We demand the whole truth with an honest viewpoint.

Don't send money. Call Jo(e) Congress and send letters.

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