Hansen Injuries

Hansen Injuries


International Banklord's Political Prisoner

Portrait of Congressman George Hansen 

Congressman George Hansen

Was declared innocent by the U. S. Supreme Court

after being shackled in torture and serving four years in prison for

alleged IRS and federal election infractions.

George's feet after punishment
George's legs after torture
George's teeth after prison
Congressman Hansen was forced to wear shoes two sizes too small, causing foot injuries and loss of toenails!
Congressman Hansen was chained to a chair 20 hours at a time, causing permanent injury to his body and legs!
Congressman Hansen's teeth rotted out from unprotected contact with dangerous chemicals!

Why this torture, jail without trial and prison on false charges?

He was exposing corruption by the billions of dollars and had angered the "mega banksters".

You decide who was behind this dictatorial action typical of Europe in the Dark Ages.

Between the diesel therapy by inhuman Federal Marshals and the

treatment by merciless prison guards,

Congressman Hansen suffered not only unbearable torture but permanent injuries.

This type of violation of our Constitutional rights and law

is being violated on a regular basis, aimed at those who

dare question the banking fraud or the Clinton presidency.

Adapted with permission from George Hansen, Congressman, retired

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