Larry Harris and William Levitt

Were Probably Framed


 2-19-98. I believe I know Terry Stough well enough to say that I believe what he has to say about Larry Wayne Harris. I received a number of Terry's emails dealing with Harris last year and they were consistent with what Terry is now saying. If you are put off by Terry's manner of expressing himself or with John's analysis below, then what is YOUR explanation of this? I must tell you, having watched the Ohio State "debate" (as the President referred to it), and having some direct info from Terry, I am in complete agreement with John's views. [Author's name Withheld]

[The person that wrote that statement is a level headed and well informed writer. It is probable that Harris and Levitt have been framed by OUR FBI. Both men are microbiologists who have been developing antidotes for the disease. This story is testimony to the desperate risks Americans will take to survive in spite of Bill Clinton. The main article below is rather brusque, but please read for the facts in the situation. Forest Glen Durland. ]


From: "John R. Prukop" <>:

How many of you watched ABC, NBC and CBS news tonight? Did you think it quite curious and VERY ironic that just after the utterly failed attempt by the Clinton administration yesterday in Ohio to convince the American people of the need to go to war against Iraq-because of weapons of mass destruction-that you would see a story originating from Las Vegas, Nevada about ANTHRAX? Well, before you BELIEVE totally what you thought you saw, please read the following account from T.W. Stough. Terry is a legal researcher and you will find his home web page listed further down the page. For the sake of your families and loved ones, please take heed to what is happening. If you don't know how the "game" is being played, the following article by Terry should enlighten you. We are in a VERY dangerous time! The federal "government", using the term loosely, is up to no good again and they're using their old and familiar demonization tactics and agent provocateurs. Just to clue you in, it is my position they are setting us up for what is to follow. As you know, the Olympic games in Japan end on February 23rd; the 105th Congress reconvenes on Tuesday, February 24th-I spoke to each of the Washington Congressional offices in D.C. today, and each of the offices reported they are receiving many calls in OPPOSITION to a war with Iraq, despite the media blitz with Clinton saying that "Americans support going to war with Iraq." The frustration level is very high, as some of you witnessed from the staged "infomercial" town meeting which CNN broadcast from Ohio State University yesterday. Don't put it past the powers at be - in order to convince the American people of the need to attack Iraq - that they will stage a terrorist incident or sacrifice a few hundred lives, to scare the people into submission of war. I'll close out here with this:

Benjamin Disraeli, in his famous book, Coningsby, had one of his characters say: "So you see, my dear Coningsby, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." Disraeli's book was published in 1844 and discussed the various revolutions that were about to take place, and which later were in fact carried out.

Please re-post.
/s/ John R. Prukop CCW Coalition: Citizens For A Constitutional Washington,
John R. Prukop, Executive Director
11910-C Meridian Ave. E., #142, Puyallup, Washington 98373,
TEL: (253) 840-8071, FAX: (253) 840-8074,





READ THIS if you never read another thing from me again. Admittedly, I do not have all the facts right now. But time constraints require that I release known information NOW.

Also, please forgive the disorganization of this report. The way the info came in together with severe time restraints have prevented better clarity.

Let me first say that ANY person who attacks the validity of the information contained in this document without full and irrefutable documentation should be considered the enemy. We do not have the time or luxury of dealing with the detractors or counterintelligence forces. I have been involved in this (mostly behind the scenes for the past few months) for a relative long time.

I was writing so much about these issues during last summer that web sites were started around the materials being brought to light even though I never posted documents on my own web site.

First some background. We know that the enemy is excellent at counterintelligence. We know that the enemy specifically puts out cover stories as they attempt to destroy out ability to fight back. In this case, you will see that this event is a result of entrapment and propaganda to neutralize two real assets in the fight for our freedom.

This happened several months ago as I became involved in the biochemical warfare issues. We now know that their goals last summer were to gain information about out communications and to discredit the few true Americans fighting for our freedoms while installing false leaders to lead us astray. The two biggest victims of this were Larry Harris and Peter Kawaja.

Because of current events, I must decloak and tell you what is really going on because I can no longer keep silent even though I was just a couple of days from helping in an initial exposure of one of their key stooges.

Let me give you the latest from the Headline News (CNN) report as of 5:00. According the the story:

White Separatist Larry Wayne Harris and William Levitt were arrested in possession of biohazardous materials possibly including anthrax. The two men were testing the materials and had intended to use them in against American targets in New York City.

FBI HazMat teams have been called in and sealed a White Mercedes believed to contain the materials. They received a tip from a man in Las Vegas indicating that Harris had bragged about his abilities with biological weapons. [The man was most likely an undercover government operative. Larry and William have concluded EXACTLY WHO THIS PERSON IS! See below.] The report further indicated that Harris was on probation on a federal charge involving Bubonic Plague.

By 6:30, the story had changed. They were now "manufacturing and stockpiling weapons." But there was no longer any current threat to New York City (I guess they found out by then that he was scheduled to meet with HUNDREDS of people in Florida TONIGHT so they knew the New York attack part of the story would not wash. Also, in the later story, it mentioned that Larry Harris had written extensively about the "DANGERS OF BIOLOGICAL AGENTS". If you recall, the detractors of Harris this summer used DOSING LEVELS of antibiotics as their main attack point! Does this sound like someone out to hurt people or help people survive?

Here folks are the FACTS.



1. I stand on my reputation as being one who has put my life on the line and stood against these evil demons time and time again and will continue to do so. They can take me out but PLEASE have the courage to rise up and let them know that the truth can not be suppressed and their lies will not be believed.

We need MASSIVE ACTION. I may be out of position to support or enlighten due to my DIRECT INVOLVEMENT in this story.

LET ME REPEAT FOR THE ENEMY LISTENING POSTS: THAT'S RIGHT YOU DEMONS FROM THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. I AM DIRECTLY INVOLVED. WHETHER YOU KNEW IT OR NOT, I WAS ABOUT TO HELP EXPOSE ONE OR MORE OF YOU WHOM THE "PATRIOTS" NOW CONSIDER LEADERS IN THE BIOWARFARE FIELD, RIGHT BEFORE THAT PERSON OR PERSONS WOULD BE THRUST INTO THE LIMELIGHT AS PART OF A TEAM OF EXPERTS ON THESE ISSUES WHEN THE NWO WORKING THROUGH UNDERCOVER OPERATIVES BEGAN THEIR FIRST RELEASE OF BIOWARFARE AGENTS. Our plan of exposure was within days of implementation. As a matter of fact, I was scheduled to meet with Harris and others Saturday night at a Conference going on RIGHT NOW in Florida. The plans were that Harris would be leaving today (Thursday afternoon) to fly to Florida (not NEW YORK CITY) to speak at the Conference and meet with true American experts in biowarfare which have gathered from all over the country and some, even from foreign countries. We had not realized until news of the arrest that the experiments had taken longer than expected and that Harris would be delayed.

2. Larry Wayne Harris is not a crackpot, nor is he a White Separatist nor is he a member of the Aryan Nation. Yes, he did attend a couple of their meetings long ago. But I once went to a war protest in college, thought that liberalism was a great idea and actually used some recreational drugs and YES, I did inhale. HEY! Have you ever been to a meeting of a group you now disagree with?

3. Larry Wayne Harris is not a sewer inspector or a well inspector or any of the other things reported about him. As you may recall, I was practically his only supporter on the Internet last summer. Larry is a fully qualified microbiologist. When he was "caught" with the bubonic plaque last year, he was working on treatments which could be readily available to the masses.

4. It is vital to distinguish the fact that Larry Harris is a RESEARCHER, not a terrorist or a soldier in some wacko paramilitary organization. His research has clearly been aimed at saving lives, never in the direction of using his knowledge to support the Conspiracy.

5. It is TRUE that Harris was finishing some experimentation on anthrax (See details below from release from science conference in progress). Notice how they [the FBI] always mix lies with truth, prove the true part and get the public to swallow the lies, hook, line and sinker. However, the experiment was not on how to SPREAD anthrax to kill people but to PREVENT anthrax from spreading to save people.

6. The experiment was being done to prove to that the equipment discussed below worked. (See details below)

7. The Iraqi strategy is and was nothing short of a cover to begin mass extermination of people worldwide. Whether this plan will be fully implemented depends on events as they are currently unfolding.

8. As you know, the enemy's plan is always to launch preliminary stages of multiple strategies simultaneously. Then in the confusion ("order out of chaos") they go with the one or ones that seem to be working best.



At approximately 4:00 PM today at the Global Science Congress Conference in Daytona Beach, FL, an announcement was made regarding Larry Wayne Harris. Mr. Harris (Lancaster, OH) and William Levitt (Las Vegas, labs also in Frankfurt, Germany) were arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two men were in Las Vegas, Nevada visiting Ron Rockwell for research purposes. Ron Rockwell worked for Royal R. Rife and Crane in the 1960's and 1970's.

Mr. Rockwell allegedly was in possession of the original Rife microscope / frequency generation equipment. Mr. Levitt, a microbiologist also, is a true humanitarian and is very concerned about the current biological situation throughout the world. Levitt and Harris were in Las Vegas to test and research the Rife equipment against several different pathogens, particularly anthrax. After the research was completed, if the equipment proved to be effective, Mr. Levitt was ready to purchase this equipment and make it available to the public for defense against biological weapons. Why these two men were arrested for this when in reality they were scheduled to be at the Global Science Conference today to hopefully announce the results of their research to HELP save the world, not destroy it, is beyond amazing. The "Powers that be" have been working for almost two years now to "set up" and neutralize Mr. Harris and now we see the fruits of their labor.

RELATED ISSUE: Anyone with information regarding the troop movement out of Dobbins Air Force Base (Marrietta, Georgia (Atlanta Area)), please forward the intel to the person from whom you receive this mail

[Terry W. Stough-Phone - 770-641-9042, cellular 404-444-4995,
fax 770-552-6931 and e-mail TWStough@AOL.Com. ]

Our sources say that in just twenty minutes, four civilian, unmarked transport planes departed from the base.

Other details to follow as they become available. Please make this information available to your fellow Americans. The mass media will only cover the government line on this.

LATEST UPDATE: Federal agents have just been at Larry's home in Lancaster OH. They are most likely going to be using federal anti-terrorism laws against him in this case.

COMMENT: THE FEDS CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION. Larry is a Registered Microbiologist despite any propaganda released last summer. Any help on how to get Harris free by fighting jurisdiction would be highly appreciated.

Also, any help you can provide to Larry Harris and William Levitt (especially strategic) would be highly appreciated. We hopefully have gotten the word to Larry Harris by now to fight the jurisdictional issue and not to enter a plea.

Please support the release of Larry Harris and the exposure of yet another conspiracy from those who would destroy our lives and take what is left of our freedoms.

Terry W. Stough <A HREF="">The American Resistance Movement</A>

(770) 641-9042


FURTHER UPDATE: News just in from Larry Harris through his wife reveals that Rockwell engineered a setup. It seems that Harris and Levitt did a taping for a TV show about their experiments at a local Las Vegas TV station. The experiments took longer than expected and Larry was going to be late getting to the Conference. As best we can determine, Harris and Levitt left their hotel room shortly after 9:00 last night and went to the lab. While at the lab, according to Harris, Rockwell made a call that resulted in a swat team surrounding the facility. The reports of broken anthrax vials in the car are patently false. No one in his right mind would drive around in a car with anthrax in the air.

FINAL NOTE: Well known conference attendees who are believed to be knowledgeable and/or in agreement with the facts contained in this document:

Chip Tatum (Black Ops Reporter)

Ted Gunderson (ex-FBI)

Dr. Bob Beck (physicist-developed colloidal silver generator)

Al Bielek (physisist - Philadelphia Experiment)





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