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Sun., 1 March 1998

Larry Wayne Harris, the Registered Microbiologist that the Federal Government finally admitted was working on a treatment for anthrax and other biological weapons is not out of the woods yet and is


Larry Wayne Harris and William Job Leavitt made world news on Feb. 18th when they were arrested as biological terrorists. The original information stated that Harris and Leavitt were making biologicals for use in an attack on the New York Subway. As a result of indisputable facts submitted to the press by Harris' supporters, that changed to the story that they were just making and stockpiling biological weapons for future use. Then that story changed to one where they might actually be seeking a cure for biologicals but testing with weapons grade biologicals. Then it was learned that they were definitely seeking a cure and had only anthrax vaccine.

All of the major facts which were eventually confirmed in this case were first released to the media by Harris supporters through press releases from Terry W. Stough.

The "informant", Ron Rockwell, as was first reported by Terry W. Stough (from a source close to Harris) turned out to be the very person who was trying to sell the equipment used in the cure.

This had been a setup all along,

intended to neutralize Harris.

The supporters of Harris see him as the preeminent expert in the area of defense against biological weapons and a vital asset to the people. The United States Government is totally opposed to the release of this information by Harris.

Ask yourself why.

Harris has told people how extremely simple it is to make and distribute anthrax. Some see this as reckless. But why? Who is this information to be kept secret from? Anthrax can not be used to rob a bank or to murder a person. It can only be used for widespread extermination of groups over a wide area. That's why it's called the "poor man's atom bomb". By teaching people how simple it is to create weapons using biologicals, Harris has attempted to get the American people to wake up and prepare.

Last year, when Iraqi students were caught smuggling anthrax into this country, that should have been a major wake up call. But the concern for our borders was misplaced. With only minimal knowledge, anyone could manufacture anthrax in ANY NORMAL KITCHEN IN THE WORLD. And makeshift distribution devices could be easily manufactured. Larry Harris has tried to make all of this known to the American people so that they can prepare. The main focus of Larry Harris has been on finding cures for biological weapons.

Once a person shows symptoms of Anthrax, for example, no medical treatment known today is effective. THE VICTIM WILL DIE.

Dr. Len Horowitz, internationally know author of Emerging Viruses:

AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional, has documented that vaccines are not the answer. In fact, as has been shown, vaccines have been responsible for the spread of more disease than any other transmission mechanism yet known. Did you ever wonder why there is a push to give an UNTESTED, EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE for Anthrax to ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL regardless of where they are stationed?

Eliminating vaccines as a viable option, the only way to do deal with these biological warfare agents is to build up the immune system and to have antibiotics available. Nutritional products cover the former.

What about antibiotics? First, remember that once you get symptoms it's too late.

Next, there simply is not enough vaccine to cover even ONE SINGLE OUTBREAK in a single medium sized city. To prove this, go to any pharmacy. Ask them about how many people they serve. Then ask them how many prescriptions they could fill for tetracycline or it's equivalent. An average pharmacy covering 5,000 people might have 2-4 such prescriptions on hand. THAT'S ALL. LESS THAN ENOUGH FOR A SINGLE EXPOSURE OF A SINGLE FAMILY. And remember that those prescriptions would be of NO VALUE unless taken near the time of exposure. Effectively, by the time that anyone had symptoms, the medicines would be useless.

That leaves three other alternatives:
1. Animal grade antibiotics (still not enough to go around)
2. Extremely highly concentrated colloidal silver (requires special processing techniques) and
3. Equipment like that being tested by Harris and Leavitt at the time of arrest.

Harris is the expert in all three areas. This is exactly why the government is attempting to neutralize him.

As of this writing, the supporters of Larry Harris have not been able to contact him despite the fact that all federal charges against him have been dropped. Here is the information critically needed and which the government is suppressing in an attempt to railroad Larry Harris and keep him from his work:

1. Where is Larry Wayne Harris?
NO ONE has been able to determine where he has been for days or when he will be moved to Ohio.
2. Why is Larry Wayne Harris being held in isolation?
What is it that the government does not want the public or his supporters to know? What is being done TO HIM while he is kept in isolation?

3. Why has Larry Harris been only able to call his wife and then only on selected days for TEN minutes.

4. Why can no one get information as to the nature of the hearing, if any, scheduled for Tuesday in Ohio?

5. Why does the probation office say that they do not even know when a hearing is scheduled?

6. Why have specifics of the charges against him been withheld?
Since when did alleged bragging become a victim?

7. Why does Larry Harris believe that Michael Kennedy, a federal public defender in Las Vegas, will be representing him in a STATE case in Ohio?

The supporters of Larry Harris plan a massive support drive to raise funds for his defense and will converge on any hearings held in Ohio or elsewhere.

A Legal Defense Fund has been set up and proceeds from book and tape sales are being used to help free Harris so that he can continue his vital work.

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or by

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for further details on the Defense Fund and getting books and tapes on surviving a biological attack.



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