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March 28, 1999 #128


by: Doug Fiedor


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Lesser people have started wars, but never wars with the potential for such devastating consequence. This time, three men are involved: a communist baker turned killer-politician, a drunken communist turned good old boy politician and an aggressive pervert professional politician with strong socialist tendencies.

When we say character counts in politics, we generally mean moral character. But herein, we have three dishonorable characters driving the current problem. And, such are the type of men who can cause innocent citizens to die by the millions. Sacrificing human lives is not an issue -- not on any side of this war. After all, killing is not murder when governments do the deed.

Congress recently had the opportunity to rid us of Bill Clinton, but neglected to do so. When the truth is told, it will be found that Clinton bribed, threatened and coerced them into obedience. But, that's not the point. To protect their own personal positions, Members of Congress allowed a man of proven bad character to continue running both the world's largest government policing force and the world's most powerful military force. This, knowing he is certainly not worthy. For this lack of action, the American people now owe the Democratic Party, half of the House of Representatives and seventy Senators our scorn. Because, when duty called, they could not be counted on to do what was right.

So today, the combination of one indiscriminate act by Bill Clinton and a few extra drinks in the evening by Boris Yeltsin could put us in World War Three -- a thermo-nuclear world war.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin appealed to Clinton to not take the "tragic step" of bombing Yugoslavia. The night the bombing of Kosovo started, the message from Russia was clear. Russia would aid the Serbs, they said, and the late night talk from the Kremlin was to use tactical nuclear weapons against us. By morning, Yeltsin & company had sobered up some and backed the rhetoric down a few notches. But, the potential is still there, and one point is painfully clear: In this era of war by computer, it only takes an instant click of the mouse or a push of a button to set the intercontinental ballistic missiles flying. A drunk can do that.

Neither Clinton or Yeltsin have the slightest idea what they are doing in the arena of foreign relations. Both are degenerates. Both have totally disgraced their offices. In fact, impeachment proceedings against President Boris Yeltin begin April 15. Nevertheless, both Clinton and Yeltsin still have instant access to hundreds of weapons of mass destruction.

The problem at hand is that they are being aggravated by a third man who is more schooled in baking pumpernickel bread than running a country. And again, it shows.

After the Iron Curtain fell, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic wanted to keep Yugoslavia whole. Except, he also wanted all of the original Yugoslavia under Serb control, with him in charge. The problem is, unlike other European countries, the people making up Yugoslavia are originally from a number of other countries and did not want to live in a Serb controlled country -- at least not one controlled by Milosevic. Hence, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croats and Muslims fought against takeover by the Serb- backed forces. So did the people of Croatia.

Adding more fuel to the problem, the Croats are Catholic, the Serbs are Eastern Orthodox and the Albanians are mostly Muslims. They are all good people in their own right. But, they do not get along very well in that area of the world. They have been fighting ethnic and/or religious turf wars on and off for over six-hundred years.

In our lifetime, these factions were forced to stop fighting. Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito took many of their guns away and simply told them that to fight is to die. That is, if they started again, his army would kill them. The other problem was the Soviet Union. Communist Yugoslavia, under Tito, had life a little better than some Iron Curtain countries. Were the factions to start bickering again, the Russian military would have come. Yugoslavia had just dealt with the Germans and no one wanted any of that again. So, there was relative peace. Until, that is, the Iron Curtain fell and it was safe to fight again.

In truth, there may have been a moral reason for our government to bomb Yugoslavia. But, that was a few years ago, when there was real bloodshed. Instead, we used "political means" to stop that fighting. The resulting shame of that was that Milosevic -- the butcher of the Balkans, said to be responsible for the deaths of 250,000 people -- was allowed to stay in power.

So, why do we bomb now? Well, Clinton needs a diversion again. So, out come the bombs. "Wag the dog" is the term most used lately. Exposure of the China connection is clearly driving Clinton's actions in this matter.

The news of the China connection is dribbling out a little at a time, and it does not look good for the Clinton administration. Not only did Clinton trade high- tech military equipment to communist China for millions of dollars in illegal campaign funds, he allowed Chinese spies to function unimpeded so as to be able to steal whatever other secrets they needed. The administration's instant need, then, is to create an ongoing situation that is dramatic enough to keep the China connection out of the news.

Over the past eighteen months, Russia and China have been joining together to form their own spear of influence on their side of the globe. This was no real secret. We (and others) published the information many months ago. While Clinton was meeting with Yeltsin, Russian diplomats and generals were in China scheming against the United States. While Clinton was in China talking trade and illegal campaign donation cover up, communist Chinese diplomats and generals were in Russia, scheming against the United States.

The Clinton administration had to know this. However, nothing was mentioned or done about it. The elections always preempted the security of the American people, so the Clinton administration continued dealing with both Russia and China as if nothing unusual was happening. That is, Clinton continued giving Russia money in billion dollar increments and making it possible for China to get all of our most sophisticated military technology.

Today, even the UN is angry with us because they were not invited to the war. After the bombing started, Russia demanded a UN Security Council emergency session. Even Secretary-General Kofi Annan chided the Western alliance for failing to involve the UN in its decision to use force. Annan said he understood why force might have had to be used in Kosovo but emphasized that the UN Security Council needed to be involved in any decision.

"It is indeed tragic that diplomacy has failed but there are times when the use of force may be legitimate in the pursuit of peace," Annan told reporters. "But as secretary-general I have many times pointed out, not just in relation to Kosovo, that under the (UN) Charter the Security Council has primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security." Clinton's buddies in China also opposed airstrikes, saying the Kosovo crisis is an internal affair.

Clinton did not ask, "Mother, may I." So, they had to have their little UN Security Council meeting. Russia made a motion to make NATO stop the bombing, but lost the vote 13-2. No matter, Russia is angry anyway.

As things stand right now, the Clinton Administration is pressuring Serbia to accept a NATO "peacekeeping" force of 28,000 in their country. Unfortunately, this army is to include 4,000 more of our military people permanently taking up residence in the area -- just like the mess Clinton got us into in Bosnia, where our military consider themselves to be permanent "Prisoners of Peace."

According to the 1997 CIA World Factbook, Serbia is slightly larger than Maine. Kosovo is, legally, a region of Serbia. It is located at the southern end of Serbia and borders Albania and Macedonia. The total area of Kosovo is about equal to that of a medium sized county in the United States.

Presently, the population of Kosovo is approximately 90% Albanian and 10% Serb. However, listen to any Serb and you will soon be told that Kosovo is historically the very core of the Serbian heartland. The Albanians in Kosovo, on the other hand, wish to be "autonomous" from the Serbian government.

Now comes the Albanian rebels in the form of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which has somehow won the support of the West for its subversive activities against the Serbs. And here, from our point of view, is not just an interesting clash, but the part of the story Americans seldom hear.

Milosevic is a communist. The Albanian rebels, the KLA, are a Marxist-led organization funded by dubious sources. Some say they receive funding from the heroin trade pervasive in that area. Others in Europe fear that radical Islamic states, such as Iran, and groups such as that of Osama Bin Laden, are funding the group. As many see it, Kosovo is but the latest arena for radical Islamic groups as they attempt to widen their influence into Europe. The fear is that Islamic elements seek to establish their sphere of influence all the way up to the Austrian border. Whatever, the KLA was suddenly well funded.

Published reports in Europe describe the Kosovo Liberation Army as a very ruthless organization and the group has been said to "stage" a number of "massacres" attributed to the Serb forces. On at least one occasion, this has been verified by independent forensic scientists.

Activities in this area are evidenced by a January 29 appeal by Sali Berisha, the former President of Albania and the current Party Chair of the Democratic Party of Albania, which reads more like an outward cry for help than anything else, and is very, very enlightening in the face of the news we are fed here, in the United States: http://www.albania.co.uk/enter/260199.html

Another fact: Much of the heroin trafficked through that area makes its way to the United States. Also, as has been whispered for more than 30 years now, a certain small faction in our government has had its fingers in that heroin trade to pick up a few extra bucks.

Anyway, let's bring the Serb's prospective a little closer to home to see how this story fits:

Let's say that illegal Mexicans are a large segment of the population down around San Diego, California. So, maybe they want to break off a large chunk of that area and become "autonomous" from California and the United States. Their guerrilla group gets arms funding from Cuba, Iraq and China and begins to move out people who have lived there peacefully all of their lives.

It would not be long before the local police force was backed by the military and a real shooting war developed. Americans would expect that. We would applaud that, too.

What would we, the American people, do then if UN military forces came here to fight us and our government under the guise of "stopping the bloodshed"?

Yeah. Damn right!

Expect the Serbs to do the same. They are a very tenacious people and have absolutely no intention of being occupied by foreign forces again.

Compound that by the fact that much of Serbia is mountain country. The Serbs know those hills. We do not. And they are very well armed. Our police and military personal cannot even find one man in the hills near Andrews, North Carolina. Multiply that by at least fifty-thousand men in Serbia who intend to fight and you have an impossible situation.

And another little tidbit: Milosevic was probably on his way out. The people were getting a bit tired of his overactive police force and oppressive laws. The Serbs want more freedom and many desired a change in government. The bombing, however, rallied most of the country around him. Such is the shame of this. I am not taking sides here. Not really; because there is no side I am comfortable with. The best thing that we, as Americans, can do is to stay out of it. For us, it is a no-win situation. How utterly preposterous of us to think that the United States is free to interfere in something that has been going on three times longer than we have even been a country.

But, now we cannot stay out.

The governments of Europe failed to keep the peace in their own backyard. Consequently, Clinton felt free to dump us right in the middle of a situation that could easily blow up into a very major conflict. Now, we're stuck.

We, then, must support our American military.

Meanwhile, watch for this war to escalate. Fast!

And watch Clinton bribe Russia with billions of our tax dollars so they will not nuke us.



The overseas news links provided below are mostly in English. Some are mostly the Serb opinion. However, at least a couple of them may surprise you for their honesty. And, operators of at least one (B92) have already been arrested for that honesty.

Anyway, read and listen. Then, make your own decision as to what "news" is correct.













Media News:




Live WebCam from Downtown Belgrade & opinion



A little on Serb Law:







From Moscow -- It is obvious that NATO can no longer perform peace missions, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov is quoted as saying in the Saturday issue of the Russian newspaper Kommersant. Ivanov said that no one who is an aggressor one day can be a peace-maker the next day. "We believe that those who directly took part in the decision-making on aggression on Yugoslavia must be tried by the Hague International Court," the Russian Foreign Minister told Kommersant.

From Athens -- Greek President Costis Stephanopoulos said on Saturday the Greeks have enormous sympathies and warmth for the proud Serbian people who are bravely fighting for their rights. Stephanopoulos also expressed his nation's deep solidarity with the peoples of Yugoslavia for what they are going through.

In Beijing -- China is pressing for the urgent cessation of NATO airstrikes against Yugoslavia, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi told Yugoslav Ambassador to China Slobodan Unkovic. Amnassador Unkovic, in the lengthy talk, informed Yang that the U.S. and NATO aggression was continuing with great force. Yang repeated the Chinese position that Kosovo and Metohija is an internal issue of Yugoslavia and that its resolution must be in keeping with the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

From Moscow -- At a large rally held Saturday in front of the U.S. embassy in Moscow, prominent leaders of leftist and patriotic parliamentary parties in Russia strongly condemned the barbaric NATO pact aggression on sovereign Yugoslavia. Addressing the rally, communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov said that "Russia will extend to Yugoslavia all forms of aid -- from humanitarian, to military-technological."

From South Africa -- The South African Foreign Ministry criticized the aggression of the United States and other members of NATO on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, an independent and sovereign country, pointing out that this was a violation of the United Nations Charter and the accepted norms of international law.

From Russia -- Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, a likely candidate for Russia's presidency, denounced the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia as "a worse threat to world peace than the 1962 Cuban missile crisis." Luzhkov told reporters the raids could "turn Yugoslavia into a second Vietnam" and hinted Russia might have to consider breaking the international arms embargo against Belgrade.













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