Horror Stories

from assault by

IRS Agents and

Federal Marshals


Rule number one: You must be honest and factual. Don't make up anything. Just tell it like you know it. There are plenty of these people out there. Let's tell everyone just how bad it is.

Your name and signature are required for my file so that I know you exist. I will withhold your name from the posting at your request.

Bear in mind two crucial facts:

1. There is no law that requires a U.S. citizen living and working in the U.S. to pay income tax. Proirs7608.htmof.

2. The IRS has no legal authority to enforce. Proof.

Now go read what the IRS does anyway. Note that judges are enforcing a law does not exist. That is the description of a dictatorship. It is why America was born

Stories received second hand

[ Please note: I have not personally talked to these people. The sources were deemed reliable, so their stories are posted here for your edification. Forest ]

Dons, Steven, in jail on Portland, OR. Very questionably suicide.

Fred - Dirty court treatment in violation of Constitution. Took belongings.

Hansen, George, Congressman, shackled and imprisoned on fake charges.


Rogers - evicted illegally by IRS and judges.

Schneider - Murdered (?) after lecturing on government coverups.







Now go see what's put on ICE. He has a big jug full of them.


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The President said he is reducing taxes.


Congress says they are balancing the budget.

uhuh. Sez who?


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We demand the whole truth with an honest viewpoint.

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