Alien Mind Invader


A powerful and very dangerous alien life form is mentally enslaving the people of America and all the world! Unseen and nearly undetected, it has entered the human mind, gaining control and transforming each person into an humanoid slave. The transformed human being actually becomes one of them. This is not some science fiction story. This action has already happened and has transformed nearly all literate people on this earth into that unseen, alien life form!

The elusiveness of this life form is witnessed by the fact that the vast majority of the people do not realize that they are, in fact, mentally transformed. Further, the enslaved will argue against any accusations that their mind has been controlled beyond their control. It is beyond their comprehension that they are a controlled organism responding to the whims of the alien. Therein lies the extreme difficulty in removing the alien life form without destroying its human host.

You can not hide from the Mental Alien. It reaches out to all people in all cultures and societies. When people contact one another in any way, they transmit the spores of the alien life form. The only possible exceptions are small groups of people who are totally isolated from the rest of the world, though those are rare. But this isolation was seen to be diminishing in the last century. Consequently, the Mental Alien life form is enslaving all people.

You cannot run from the Mental Alien. Just in case you thought about leaving town at midnight, forget it. Its spores reach everywhere. Even though you might retreat to the most remote region in America, others running from the grasp of the invading species will soon push at your retreat, if they were not there before you. Sooner or later you will need medical supplies and services, if not for yourself, for your child. From that point on you are again in its grasp. All people in the kingdom must pay the assessment to the alien life form. For, so far reaching is the power of the Mental Alien that it influences all human life in all society and government, eventually transforming them into the alien species, though retaining their humanoid form. It is indeed scary!

Perhaps the most treacherous aspect of that alien life form is its concealment. For, you see, it is invisible. It is imaginary, meaning unreal. Deception has been raised to the ultimate level in this life form. For nothing could be more effective than for the victim to support and fight to protect the very alien life form that is assaulting that victim who is all the while unaware of the assault. It is the same mechanism used by viruses that attack the human immune system, causing that immune system to attack the body they were born to protect. It resembles a dope habit that alters the chemical make up of the brain, causing the mind to call for more dope that destroys the brain and body of its host. Being of superior intelligence, the Mental Aliens have infiltrated the human species in a most vulnerable area: the imaginary human mind.

The Mental Aliens have infiltrated our education system. From first grade through graduate school, we are brainwashed to believe in the Mental Alien life form species, even though the vast majority of us are totally unaware of their existence. We are not told the truth of the history of our pre-alien existence. Our economic calculations are based on a fallacy, somehow made to appear correct and justified. That which is unreal is made to appear real. How could it were? How could such an intelligent species, meaning Man in this case, be so mentally blind? Perhaps it is an inherent trait to be lazy. Work only when a basic instinct arouses one. Grow food only when hungry. It appears that Man does not want to see the truth. Having added our intelligence to theirs, the Mental Aliens are indeed of superior intelligence. They are keeping just enough of the right people happy and contented to avoid social upheaval. This keeps the multitudes under control, totally unaware of their continuing mental transformation. But even that peace may be short lived, for Man has an inherent tendency to fight. When the species Man is deprived of his basic needs for survival, Man will resort to violence. Observe history. Through the centuries, hungry societies have conquered neighboring societies for their food.

It is entirely possible that a basic trait of the species Man is the need for power. The urge to control may exist in only selected individuals. Or it may exist in all human minds in latent form, waiting for the needed blend of mental capacities to enable that urge for control to emerge. Or perhaps the need to control is simply a suborder of the need to propagate the species. The basic and strong urge to multiply the species can be subdivided into the survival of the society. This might explain the more than thirty wars and revolutions in the world today. Or it might be Mental Alien plans.

These basic urges of Man are being exploited by the Mental Aliens. Of superior intelligence, the Mental Aliens have taken control of the mind of Man and are using Man’s basic traits of violence to control the species Man. Of infinite shrewdness, they are causing Man to control Man to the whims of the Mental Aliens. Such efficiency!

Unfortunately, the Mental Aliens have faults apparently inherent to all life forms in our universe. As they propagate their species, wars for possession will develop in an overcrowded world. In the process of a few, elite Mental Aliens gaining total control, millions of Aliens will be killed in a relentless holocaust. Those elite will ultimately control a one world dictatorship in a world of Mental Alien life form. The only humanoid form to inhabit the planet Earth will carry, as host, the life form known as the species Mental Alien, residing in and controlling the human mind, and hence, the host body. All humanity and alien life will answer to the elite.

In its offensive to propagate its species by transforming all intelligent human beings, that unseen, clandestine life form will eventually cause the destruction of the social and economic structure of its hosts. All national governments will be destroyed. It will destroy any and all civilizations that it infects.

As a double indemnity, they will sacrifice their humanoid hosts. The Mental Aliens consider the human host body dispensable. With their inherent fatal error, they will continue to overpopulate their species until they destroy themselves. To our grave danger, this spells our doom, for the Mental Aliens have transformed nearly all of the species Man. We will be destroyed! There are over thirty wars and revolutions waging concurrently in the world today. If the Mental Aliens ever organize these conflicts into one, gigantic war, that holocaust could destroy the planet Earth. When one casts a scholarly, yet clear, uninfected humanoid eye upon history and current events, it becomes readily apparent that just such organization exists. Even with their superior intelligence, the Mental Aliens are multiplying their own species to the destruction of their vital host, the human body! It is readily apparent that the Mental Alien species is in total control.

Perhaps you are wondering how this author can be so informative. He was once a transformed Mental Alien, but, through determined concentration, exorcised the alien life form from his mind. Welcome to the real world, folks. If you believe that bank owners are nice people, you have been transformed by the Alien Species. As fleeting and elusive as a thought, the Mental Aliens enter our mind through our eyes and ears. It is, therefore, through our eyes and ears that we must free ourselves from their enslavement. Open your mind and look around you to verify these real life facts:


1. Money is imaginary. Remember that. Coins and bills are currency that merely represents imaginary money.

2. The banklords control our money and are in complete control of nearly all people. Banklords are transformed.

3. America has been ruined by the Federal Reserve System, our national banking system, lair of the Alien Species.

4. The Federal Reserve System is privately owned and privately operated in secret for private gain, for practical purposes. That is the essence of a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco.

5. Not even our elected President and Congress can control the Fed, except to abolish it if we force them to.

6. Over thirty wars and revolutions are waging in the world today, with America supplying the largest amount of munitions.

7. America is going exponentially deeper in debt while costs rise exponentially, with unemployment always serious.

8. Our Constitution states that Congress shall create money to run our government debt free, without paying for it.


The invading Mental Aliens are imaginary debt money. The friendly bankers that we see are OK, though transformed. The elite Mental Alien leaders are the bank owners, called banklords, totally transformed. They have usurped nearly complete control of our money and us. For whoever, or whatever, controls the money controls all people. Yet few people believe this simple truth. See the alien influence now? Read Banklords Game Plan to see how they do it.


We have but one way to exorcise the invading Alien Species:

Congress must create needed money and never borrow again. Each and every one us must clear our mind and demand that our Congress obey us. That move will create a hostile environment for the invading Alien Species, destroying them. The host will have cut off the mental energy sustaining the Aliens. We do not have much time.


To suck the life out of us, the alien International Banklords (IBLs) use several tricks, all imaginary things:

1. They get a bill through Congress that allows only banklords to create our money. They control us right there.

2. They charge us for creating our money and never create enough to pay the interest. The bill is the national debt.

3. They cause wars. Wars are very profitable for the banklords and the rich kids don’t have to fight. Henry Ford, Sr., stated that we could stop all wars if we removed the power of money from the banklords.

4. They use compound interest. One penny at six percent for 2000 years equals many gold balls the size of our sun!

5. They keep the bill not payable by causing a money shortage and stealing our credit so we can’t find jobs or money.


Actually, this is outright bank robbery that has continued unabated for the better part of a century, while Congress looks the other way. We must clear our minds and transform our Congress back to human mind form.

As the rich become richer, they take more and more money out of the economy while we people are burdened with ever increasing taxes. People are obliged to work harder and longer to pay the fat cat Aliens who do no work. This simple sounding process compounds and confounds itself as it destroys our society and our economy. In time this relentless Alien Species will destroy the civilization it infiltrates. Most of the worst of our social and economic problems can be traced to the private Fed Reserve and its debt money system. Its operators are, beyond doubt, the lowest of ruthless scum, though very clever. Yet people defend it as it destroys their very way of life. How could it were? We are, though unaware, nearly completely controlled by the billionaire banklords, completely transformed by the Mental Aliens. Not much time remains.

You better call, today, your Congressional Reps and demand that Congress create needed money and never borrow again. They are working for you. If not, recall them! Show your power!! Replace them with a cleansed mind.

Just a Thought

The dictionary defines species as a plural noun used both in the plural and the singular to indicate forms of life. However, specie is defined as a type of money. So, to put a little reality into this realistic essay, change species to specie. In other words, change alien life form to money. It is so true it is profoundly scary!

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The Alien (the Federal Reserve System) will destroy its host.

Banklords Game Plan


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