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Recommended Order of Reading

Lincoln - Two of Lincoln’s famous works: Monetary Policy from Senate Document 23, and Prophecy and Warning.

Franklin, Benjamin - A famous and respected American statesman created debt free money and reported the real cause of the Revolutionary War. Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy did likewise to avoid debt. Documention shows that the banklords stopped two of them, and possibly Kennedy as well.

Game Plan - Banklords Game Plan outlined and explained.

MEL - Explains MEL Formula needed to balance money in economy. Full text from Money Is Unreal. A diagram called MEL's Balance Sheet explains it with a picture.

Inflation - full text from Money Is Unreal. Charts and graphs.

Exponential Curve, Typical - the result of the debt money system deplayed by the Fed.

Theories - Triple Expo and Time Warp Factors graphed, explained. Reveals our impending destruction and enslavement. Points out many exponential increases and a possible "infinite expo".

Triple Expo Factor / Time Warp Factor Graph - This graph of the theories pictorially shows the destruction and enslavement consuming us at exponentially increasing rates.

Thumbnail of the Triple Expo/Time Warp GraphGraph and terms only
Thumb nail of Skull Logo
Thumb nail of Typical Exponential CurveWith terms
Triple Expo/Time Warp Graph explained
Skull XXX Logo defined
Typical Expo Curve

Economic Discoveries - These reveal our plight and will cause an economic overhaul. Free Money Corollary is discussed.

Truths 3 - Three truths necessary for a stable, prosperous economy with low taxes.

Create, Not Borrow - Explains money creation. Handy graph to show possible simplicity.

Blowing the Whistle on the Federal Reserve System. Our national banking system fraud is exposed.

Money Is Intangible - Is a Platonic companion of Shadow Partner.

Written in the style of Plato for intellectuals.

Shadow Partner - Blank verse relates imaginary money to shadows. National debt cannot exist. Style of Plato and Socrates.

Not for the average reader. Money Is Intangible is its Platonic companion .

Farmer's Credit Tickets - My best explanation of money.

DFMS - Debt Free Money System in full. Five Pages. YAVA includes a shortened version.

Nature - Banklords can control Man, but not the more powerful Sun and its long term plan for nature. On end of Afraid.

Cloud Chamber Reasoning - Applies inductive reasoning to a trail to determine who caused it. There can be a difference between who caused and who made, especially when dealing with the billionaire banklords.

Duck Shoot - My best cartoon. Great tongue in cheek.


Constitution of the United States - excerpts. Included in the Docs. Gives power to create money to Congress, NOT private banklords.

"Could have known and should have known" - this little known court precedent will cause resounding effects on many of our wayfaring leaders.

 Fed Scandal Contents Page

Weapon - The Federal Reserve System is realistically described as the destructive weapon that it is.
Fed's Destructive History - Click the links to Definitions and Bibliography on the Federal Reserve System.
Fed is Guilty by Logic - Use of Inductive Cloud Chamber Reasoning.
Fed Is Privately Owned - Follow the click links for documentation on the Federal Reserve System.
Fed Scandal Documentation - Facts supporting the statement that the Fed the worst of financial and political scandals and a fraud.
 Blowing the Whistle On the Federal Reserve System

Ford, Henry, Sr. - The inventor of the Ford automobile and the assembly line stated that if we removed the power of money from the banklords that we would stop all war! Ford also recommended debt free money.

Free Money Corollary - is in Economic Discoveries.


Kennedy Money - Did President Kennedy issue debt free money, or did he start a silver give-a-way? Also see Franklin.

KISS -My toughest problem is the complication that readers mentally add to my web pages. Keep It Short and Simple, please! [Coming sometime.]

Money Is Intangible - Is a Platonic companion of Shadow Partner. Written in the style of Plato for intellectuals.

Money Is Unreal - Money is imaginary. The simple difference is explained. Must read after Farmers Credit Tickets.

Money vs Currency - The same as Money Is Unreal.

 Typical Exponential Curve - complete explanation. Is the result of the debt money system deployed by the Fed. Go to Docs for even more explanation. Inflation-full explains how the banklords use the curve on us.


Other Worthy Essays of Importance Here


ABCs of Money - by Wright Patman. Ten pages totally damning the Fed by a House Banking Committee. The annotated contents are presented here. The McFadden Report is a previous report with more explanation.

McFadden Report - An earlier report from a House Banking Committee that REALLY blasts the Fed, complete with explanations. Also see ABCs for another report.

Search for Truth Is a Dangerous Thing. The real truth about the IRS is revealed. This revealing essay by [name withheld for security reasons] is possibly the best, most honest view of the entire situation you will ever read. You will probably find these truths shockingly unbelievable, but if you love your country, you should believe and read this essay, all of it.

State of the Union 1998 by Doug Fiedor. Portraying the precarious condition of America, this is one of the most significant essays of this Century.

Kennedy Money - Did President Kennedy issue debt free money, or did he start a silver give-a-way? Also see Franklin.

Additional essays are posted in Worthy Articles.



Definitions - Glossary from Money Is Unreal, the source of these web pages.

Docs - Full documentation from Money Is Unreal, the source of the U-Mail letters and these web pages.

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