Definitions of Idiomatic Words and Terms

List of Democratic Party outfits

List of Enforcement Agencies


Terms Created by Forest to refer to our Constitutional Republic

Terms created by Forest Glen Durland to refer to our Constitutional Republic as opposed to Democracy, a form of government that is self destructive.

American ConRep - American Constitutional Republic. Same as ConRep.

US ConRep - United States Constitutional Republic. Same as ConRep.

ConRep - Constitutional Republic as defined in the U.S. Constitution.

ConRep Party - Political party suggested by Forest Glen Durland to support the American Republic guaranteed by the American Constitution.

ConRepism - following the U.S. Constitution, which is respected as the law of the land, especially in our court system and federal government. (Term invented by Forest.) The Rule of Law as defined by Hayek is respected and observed.

ConRepist - one who adheres to ConRepism. (Not to be confused with ConRapist, which refers to Clinton.)


3 Isms. Socialism, Communism and Fascism (Nazism) are the same for our practical purposes. Forest has lumped them together as the 3 isms for the sake of brevity. Together with Democracy, the isms decay into totalitarianism, which is a police state, which is a dictatorship. See Hayek; See Isms Discussed; See Socialism, below.

3 C’s - credit, character and capacity; used in making loans.

5th Amendment. See Fifth Amendment.
AFL-CIO - huge labor union. See Fiedor Report #293.
AFT - American Federation of Teacher; a teachers union that is Socialist and does not obey the will of the teachers. Also see NEA.
Agencies - see List of Enforcement Agencies
ad hoc - for that purpose
arrogate - to appropriate or claim without right,
as when the Roosevelt administration coerced Congress into giving the administration power to regulate all business and agriculture in the United States.

Babylon - See Fed’s destructive history.

Border Patrol - see Federal Agencies

bankers month - the number of days each month that a banker charges interest. A 20 day banker’s month is recommended in Interest Limit at the end of the essay DFMS.

bankers year - the number of days in a year that a banker charges interest. A 240 day banker’s year is recommended in Interest Limit at the end of the essay DFMS.

BankGov - BankGovernment owned by the people; operates on a cost basis.

Banklords Video Game Plan - six point routine used to extract money from the American people.

banklords - owners of private banks; term copyright 1995 by Forest Glen Durland.

bankruptcy - business closed due to lack of profit, usually. All owners usually lose money.

barons - see feudal system

barter - trade real things for real things; used in the absence of money. See the essay Money Replaces Barter System.

Basic Element of Economic Existence - need Free Money Corollary.

Basic Law of Economics - see Free Money Corollary.

BBL, BBLs - Billionaire Banklords. Due to wealth increase, the name has been changed to IBL, which see.

BLM - Bureau of Land Management

blog - nearly instaneous liberty tree where the blog site owner posts a brief view; a place on the Internet voicing an opinion to which readers can post comment; blogger - one who blogs; blogging - participiting in blogging.

blog - noun; short for Weblog (1999) - a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer. (Webster: <>)

blowing the whistle - exposing an illegal operation

blue sky - unreal, non-productive business.

C2G - Clinton, Clinton and Gore. Term created and copyrighted by Forest Glen Durland.

cabal - A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers; a secret scheme or plot. See synonyms at conspiracy.

CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy; standards for new passenger cars.

CAFTA - NAFTA on steroids.

capital - A town or city that is the official seat of government in a political entity, such as a state or nation.
capitol - A building or complex of buildings iwhich is the seat of a state government.
Capitol. The building in Washington, D.C., the seat of the national government.
CAS - Clinton Administration Scandals
CPB - Customs and Border Protection; see Federal Agencies
CDV - Center for Democratic Values. See Socialism
centrist - Centrist is defined as "one who takes a position in the political center; a moderate."
So we see, moderate and centrist are synonymsand can be used interchangeably. Perhaps a constitutionalist.
See Heads Up #138.

CINO - Catholic In Name Only. Also see RINO.

Civil Disobedience: "Refusal to obey a law, usually on the ground that the law is morally reprehensible.

Recent examples of civil disobedience include Negro refusals to obey segregation laws and actions of anti-Vietnam war groups in refusing to honor draft regulations. Civil disobedience ordinarily takes the form of nonviolent resistance and is aimed at arousing public opinion against the law."
From a twenty year old political dictionary of obviously liberal bent. We choose this book because we believe that, when the subject at hand is the behavior of liberal politicians, it is probably best to define the terms the way the liberal politicians understand them. And, this term was once a real favorite of the socialist reactionaries among us.
From Fiedor Report #306.
Conspiracy - "A combination of two or more persons by some concerted action to accomplish some criminal or unlawful purpose, or to accomplish some purpose, not itself criminal or unlawful, by criminal or unlawful means." (Cahill, Cyclopedic Law Dictionary, 1922.)
coup d'etat (koo' dee tah) - take over
Conspiracy - Seditious Conspiracy  

C-Ration - see MRE

C-Note - a $100 bill. C equals 100 in Roman numerals.

carry trade - move trade; enable business to consummate. Refers to money enabling business to flourish. It helps to think of money as an economic highway that carries trade. Trade is business.

cash - currency; pocket money, meaning currency you have in hand or pocket.

catalyst - something that helps a process but does not became a part of the end product. Money is a catalyst in the manu-facturing of products.

checkbook money - unreal money created by banks that is represented only by real entries in real ledgers; is not backed by a promise of real labor, services and-or natural resources. Due to this lack of real backing, checkbook money is dangerously inflationary.

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency; federal spy group created for the Cold War.


Cloud Chamber Reasoning - Applies inductive reasoning to a trail to determine who caused it. There can be a difference between who caused and who made, especially when dealing with the IBLs (International Banklords -- the private bankers that own the world banks and "our" Federal Reserve System). The idea of determining facts by observing the trails left by an object refers to the cloud chambers scientists use to observe the trails created by particles split from sub-atomic particles, etc. They can not see the particles, but from their trails they can describe and identify the particles. An important consideration in this technique is the fact that both money and the IBL's are, for practical purposes of this reasoning, invisible. Money is intangible and thus invisible. The IBLs conduct their clandestine operations away from the public eye. Thus cloud chamber reasoning can be applied to both. Through inductive reasoning using the cloud chamber technique, the corrupt deeds of the IBLs can be determined. It is advisable, legally, to speak in terms of probabilities, for, whereas particles in a scientist's cloud chamber have no lawyers, people do. Please be advised that the IBLs have plenty of our money to hire many of the best.

One might make a comparison to reverse engineering, a technique used in Silicone Valley to determine the structure of a chip by examining an existing chip and reconstructing its schematic. The technique used here would be called inductive reverse engineered reasoning.

See Most Significant Discovery for use of cloud chamber reasoning.

coin - as a verb, coin means to create money, as used in our Constitution. As a noun, coin is metal currency in our modern talk.

commodity - something that can be bought and sold. Money must never be allowed to be a commodity, but must remain merely an unreal medium of exchange.

compound interest - interest charged on principle and accrued interest. See InflationFull.

con artist - a smooth talking crook.

Could have known and should have known. Click the cross reference.

coup d'etat (coo dee taa) - take over

CPI - Consumer Price Index.

credit - see money

credit removal - removing labor’s credit money from the economy, floundering labor.

currency - represents money; is best known in two forms, paper and metal. Notes are paper currency and coins are metal currency. They are paper and coin currency. Coins are currency. Paper bills are more properly called notes today. Postal money orders and cashier’s checks might be included. Silver certificates were long ago called in by the Fed on the day that Vice President Johnson took over after President Kennedy was assassinated. Currency is an icon or symbol of money.

dead money - money removed from circulation by the banklords; extinguished money.

debt free money - money created by our government as directed by our Constitution. When created in this manner, we owe no one even one dime for it. It is the opposite of debt money, where money is created by private bankers and loaned to us for interest that is now the national debt. Our Constitution does not direct Congress to create that debt.

debt money system - a monetary system that creates all money as debt; usually privately owned. It eventually destroys the kingdom using it. Our Federal Reseve System is an example. See Fed's destructive history, below.

Democratic = Socialist = Communist = Fabian = Rhodes Scholar = Clinton = Oxford = Marxism

DFMS - Debt Free Money System; all money is created without debt, thus eliminating the national debt.

disinformation - see information 

DLC - Democratic Leadership Council. [Source: Fiedor Report #293.] Also see PPI and NDN. See Socialism Links below. 

DMS - Department of Homeland Security; see Federal Agencies

DNC - Democratic National Committee. See Socialism Links below.

 docs - documentation

DSA - Democratic Socialists of America. See Socialism Links below.

So you don't think Democrats are Commies, look who's in here. Check thes political synonyms: 

economy - An unreal business that includes of all the unreal deals that money goes through. It involves all the people, their employment in an unreal society, and their unreal government. It includes me working for unreal money. It is important to remember that economy is unreal.

Envis - environmentalists and conservationalists, esp. those opposing development while buying land to do so.

Exculpatory - acting or tending to clear of guilt or blame.

exponential - the faster it grows, the faster it grows faster.

exponential curve - curve plotted by mathematicians to represent an exponential increase. See the graphic, Typical Exponential Curve.

extinguish - send unreal money back the nothingness from whence it came. This accounting trick is done by entering a mi-nus amount in a ledger, which is probably in a computer.

Fabian Society - See Socialism Links below.

Fascist - see Socialism Links below.

Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the U.S. protects one from testifying against oneself. Called taking the Hillary after Hillary Clinton.

FLOTUS - First Lady of the United States. Also see POTUS and FOB.

FOB - Friends of Bill [Clinton]. Also see POTUS and FLOTUS.

Freepers - the Free Republic bunch; <>; is the modern Liberty Tree.

Fed’s destructive history - Debt money systems destroyed the civilizations in ancient Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Greece and Rome. See Pleasure Curve la Fed. Documentation: Truth in Money Book p 116, 234. The possibility: Greider, Who Will Tell the People, p 413; Galbraith, Money: Whence It Came , p 35. See also Lindbergh in the Bibliography.

Fed - Federal Reserve System; that quasi-governmental organization that controls the monetary system of the United States of America. Forest Glen Durland states that the Federal Reserve System is the worst financial and political scandal in American history, if not all history. The Federal Reserve System is neither federal nor reserve, and possibly only a federally chartered banking consortium.

feudal system - powerful land barons holding title to land and forcing the people to work for them. Was dominate in old Europe. A chilling parallel can be seen in the operation of the Federal Reserve System.

fractional banking - loaning out more money than exists in the vaults. See the essay Money Replaces Barter System.

Free Money Corollary - money can not cost money. This will be made feasible with the people’s BankGov where only will be repaid. To facilitate its inclusion in needed areas, the corollary has been given three names: Free Money Corollary , Basic Element of Economic Existence, and Basic Law of Economics. See Theories.

GAO - Government Auditing Office

GDP - Gross Domestic Product

GNP - Gross National Product

GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; possibly favors the IBLs.

Gravitas - is a Latin word meaning high seriousness (as in a person's bearing or in the treatment of a subject).
The Cambridge International Dictionary defines the meaning as: "seriousness and importance of manner, causing feelings of respect and trust in others." A more modern use is identified by Bill Safire in his "New Political Dictionary." Therein, he defines "gravitas" as: "political heft; weight or substance as a candidate, based on experience or intellectual capacity, or the seriousness with which the public treats his candidacy." It goes to show that many "journalists" and political puppets do not quite know what the word "gravitas" is supposed to mean. Because, no matter which definition is preferred, many of the TV talking heads used it somewhat incorrectly. They just followed orders as best as they could, in other words. See Heads Up #192.

grift (grft) - Slang.

noun - 1. Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle. 2. A swindle or confidence game.
verb - grifted, grifting, grifts
verb, intransitive - To engage in swindling or cheating.
verb, transitive - To obtain by swindling or cheating. [Perhaps alteration of graft]

grifter - noun. See Fiedor Report On the News # 219

hard cash - pocket money; Use 1 money. See money.

hard cash - pocket money; Use 1 money. See money.

Hegelian Dialectic - a process by which government creates a crisis, waits for people to complain, then solves it. In the process people lose both freedom and money while remaining completely unaware of the process. It may be an exemplar of weaponry. See Charlotte Iserbyte.

holding corporation - unreal corporation that does an unreal business by holding title to other businesses to skim money off the profits. Tax incentives may be an added reason.

honored - Honor and honored mean that others will accept my credit in the form of money in exchange for labor, services and-or products. Honor, credit and money are unreal. Labor, services, natural resources and products are real.

hormones (and steroids) - substances that make plants, animals and people grow bigger faster.

hubris (heeoo'-brs) noun; Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance

IBL, IBLs - International Banklords; Name originated by Forest for the guys who privately own the world banks and "our" Federal Reserve System.

ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement. New office by Bush 2 in '04; see Federal Agencies

icon - image, symbol, proxy or representative; currency is an icon of money.

information - honest details of subject. Often distorted to appear as truth, carried to an art form in the Clinton and Gore Administration and now with the envis. Variants are

disinformation - lies; intentional mistruth
misinformation - mistakes; lies
noninformation - distractions; secrecy
hired liars - the grifters associated with C2G (Clinton, Clinton and Gore) and the Democrats.
obfuscation - bewilderment; lies
spin - distortion of truth; lies based on a sliver of truth.
Spin meisters - hired parasites who distort the truth for pay; hired liars.
Also see misappropriation

INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service; see Federal Agencies

Isms - see that term above.

ISO - International Socialist Organization; an obscure Trotskyite sect that aims to create in America "a workers" state based on councils of workers delegates and a "workers militia". See Socialism Links below.

IMF - International Monetary Fund; used by private bankers to support their debt money system.

inflation - an incorrect term used to mean money value loss caused by debt; typical of debt money systems; can be caused by too little or too much money in the economy; is a result of and a symptom of a debt money system.

infrastructure - structure within. Refers to our national transportation system (highways, bridges, etc.,) within our bounda-ries. Could also refer to banking infrastructure, etc. Infra- and intra- mean within. Inter- means crosses over boundaries, such as interstate.

intangible - unreal; imaginary.

International Banklords - IBLs; Name originated by Forest for the guys who own the world banks and the Fed.

interest - rent charged for the use of money. Interest charge is rent charge. Since money is unreal, interest is unreal. It is the interest, or rent, on the national debt that is the big item in this book, for that is where the private banklords are really throwing the hook into us. See the Index, and Interest Limit at the end of the essay DFMS.

inverse relationship - opposite, mostly. Read the essay Time Warp Factor in Theories.

jidaid - The term "jihad" has been used in thousands of newspaper articles and television broadcasts over the last four months. At one time it meant "holy war." Now it's used, more or less, as a term for the actions of fanatical terrorists. 95% of Americans have heard the term many, many times. It will soon be in our dictionaries.

lame-duck - leaving soon

Land Bank - bank of the past that specialized in farm financing.

land barons - see feudal system.

leaked - secretly let out to trusted liars who will get it published and on the air.

leaks - leaked information

lies - see disinformation, noninformation, obfuscation, spin, hired liars, all under information

malfeasance - see misfeasance

Memorandum of Understanding - a document distributed among agencies, etc.

Minion - sycophant; favored follower

misconduct - see misappropriation

misfeasance - see misappropriation

misapplication - see misappropriation

MEL formula is M = E + L, where M is the Money supply in the economy, E is value of Earth’s contribution in production, and L is the work week Labor value, never transferable, of all American citizens including human services. Quarterly tallying is recommended.

mental weapon - an unreal weapon that works through the human mind. See the essay Fed Reserve Is a Mental Weapon.

misappropriation - from Heads Up #189: Bureaucratic Corruption
- Our Barron's Law Dictionary defines misappropriation and misapplication as: "The use of funds or property for a purpose other than that for which they are intended or legally required to be used. Misapplication and misappropriation particularly apply to acts of fiduciary [one in a position of trust], including public servants as well as private trustees. The term can include the misapplication of funds intended for another purposes, e.g., the misapplication of public money. . ."
misconduct in Office is defined as: "Corrupt misbehavior by an officer in the exercise of the duties of the office or while acting under color of the office; includes any act or omission in breach of a duty of public concern by one who has accepted public office."
We picked the oldest law dictionary on our shelf: The Cyclopedic Law Dictionary by James C. Cahill, dated 1922. This dictionary was chosen because it was published before American law was corrupted by the FDR administration. (From Fiedor Report #306.)
conspiracy: "A combination of two or more persons by some concerted action to accomplish some criminal or unlawful purpose, or to accomplish some purpose, not itself criminal or unlawful, by criminal or unlawful means."
malfeasance: "The unjust performance of some act which the party had no right, or which he had contracted not, to do."
misfeasance: "The performance of an act which might lawfully be done, in an improper manner, by which another person receives an injury."
nonfeasance: "The neglect or failure of a person to do some act which he ought to do. The term is not generally used to denote a breach of contract, but rather the failure to perform a duty towards the public whereby some individual sustains special damage, as where a sheriff fails to execute a writ.
"When a legislative act requires a person to do a thing, its nonfeasance will subject the party to punishment; as, if a statute requires the supervisors of the highways to repair such highways, the neglect to repair them may be punished."
 [Every member of every level of government takes an oath to support and defend our Constitution, as written. Any government official who does not is in violation of the supreme law of the land.]
Also see Heads Up #179: Interesting Legal Terms
Also see Fiedor Report On the News #234 "They Should Obey the Laws"
Also see information.
misinformation - see information
MOU - see Memorandum of Understanding
MRE - Meals Ready to Eat; today's military term for the old C-Rations
monetary standard - substance or entity money is based on. America uses the best standard - the integrity of the people. See the essay Value Standard.

money - unreal stuff created by our government in a DFMS to represent all the real labor, services and natural resources, but not products, of us real people. Money is an invisible icon that represents real labor, services and natural resources, but not products. It is a proxy, meaning money acts for those real things. The name money replaces the name credit in this book. They are about the same, anyway, at least for our use. It’s that common meaning that is important. See page 6 in Money Is Unreal.

money, Use 1 - pocket money, hard cash; is mostly currency that represents unreal money.

money, Use 2 - the unseen stuff that floats around in the economy, being necessary for jobs. All money is unreal, must be backed by real labor, services and natural resources, but not products, and is the grease that allows unseen economic wheels to turn. See the essay Difference Between Money or Money vs Currency.

Moriatti - fictitious symbol of monetary greed and the despotic autocracy of the banklords. Name and definition copyright 1995 by Forest Glen Durland.

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement; possibly favors the IBLs.

National Emergency - also see NES. From Black's Law Dictionary comes this quote: "National emergency. A state of national crisis; a situation demanding immediate and extraordinary national or federal action. Congress has made little or no distinction between a 'state of national emergency' and a 'state o war'. Brown v. Bernstein, D.C. Pa., 49 F. Supp. 728, 732."

natural resources - usable qualities of the earth, including water and air, excluding labor. Oil in the ground is a natural re-source, but once pumped from the ground it becomes a product. A river is a natural resource, but its dam, electricity and irrigation water are products. Farm soil is a natural resource. Crops planted in the ground and farm animals on the ground are natural resources, but become products when harvested. Farm produce becomes products when harvested. It can been seen from this vantage point that farmers have had an unfairly difficult disadvantage with financing, for in the past no money has be created to enable the farmer to get his products grown. Money must exist to support the farmer during his planting. No interest, no cost loans would create this needed money and save the small farmers. see MEL.

Nature Conservancy - see The Nature Conservancy , an envi

NCBA - National Cattlemen's Beef Association

NEA - National Education Association. Do not confuse with National Endowment for the Arts. Both have gone haywire. Also see AFT. See Fiedor Report #293.

NDN - New Democratic Network. An offshoot of the DLC and PPI is The New Democrat Network(NDN)(6). The NDN was founded in 1996 by Senator Joe Lieberman, chairman of the DLC. The NDN "acts as a political venture capital fund to create a new generation of elected officials eager to lead the U.S. and the world into the 21st century and the Internet Age. NDN is committed to electing political leaders who are capable of realizing the great promise of the new century while ensuring that no one is left behind." [Source: Fiedor Report #293.] Also see DLC and PPI. See Socialism Links below.

net - total income less expenses

nil - nothing; non-existence.

NES, NES Off Switch - Nation Emergency Status. Forest Glen Durland wrote a NES Off Switch and mailed it to Congress, but he heard nary a whimper from that body of lawmakers. It is quoted here:


Title: NES Off - National Emergency Status Off
Text: Congress shall have the power, at any time, regardless of any National Emergency, to immediately end any and all forms of Emergency Status and return the power of the Executive Branch to the strict text and inherent meaning of the U.S. Constitution (which includes its inherent Amendments). This law shall supersede and take precedence over any and all other legislation, and supersede and take precedence over orders of any and all kinds, regardless of origin, especially of the Executive Branch. This law has emergency status and becomes effective immediately upon passage.
Comment: All machinery should have an emergency OFF switch.
We people would feel much better with the NES Off law in place.
Forest Glen Durland

 It is also posted at <>.  At this location the Hitler parallel is discussed, a very real danger today in our Capitol. 

Also see National Emergency.

NGO -  Non-Governmental Organizations, controlled by UN. If anyone wonders how the United Nations fit in with the federal government's regulatory agencies, there is a simple answer: They often trade employees back and forth -- most of whom are on the federal payroll. (See Fiedor Report #288 for the story. )

nonfeasance - see misfeasance

noninformation - see information

non-productive spending - spending by Congress that causes taxes.

NSC - National Safety Council; a wholly owned subsidiary (lobbying organization) of insurance companies. It is totally and completely anti-Liberty. They Pay government officials to pass anti-Liberty laws and rally police to do their bidding.

null - emptiness; magnitude zero.

nums - numbers

op-ed - opinion piece; called op-ed because it normally appears opposite the editorial page in the newspaper. It is an editorial when the newspaper editors do it. It is an op-ed, guest editorial or opinion piece when someone outside the newspaper writes it. That is, editorials are the official position of the newspaper editors. Op-eds are not necessarily the newspaper's opinion, but a guest opinion.

operative word - the word that gives a gives a regulation power. It puts teeth into the reg. E.g., mandatory

obfuscation - bewilderment; lies. See Information.

Opinion Piece - see op-ed OT - Off-Topic. Meaning unrelated to the subject.

OTM - Other Than Mexican. Used in border violations. (Various local versions can not be discussed here.)

outfit - group of people, generally; usually a business group.

panic - recession or depression. The banklords change the name periodically to avoid scaring the public. See Lindbergh in the Bibliography.

pards - partners

partisan politics - following a party line regardless of Constitutional law, common sense and decency.

perfunctory proceeding -

perp - A "perp" is what cops call perpetrators.

phony [foh-nee] - not of real value and certainly neither sincere nor good. Phony rhymes with pony, a small horse similar to a jack donkey.

PLC - Public Lands Council

PLF - Pacific Legal Foundation; a good outfit on the Constitution side.

pocket money - hard cash; Use 1 money. See money.

politically correct - agreeing with the government in force. See unelected.

pork, pork barrel - spending by Congress that is non-productive, funneling profits into private pockets.

POTUS - President of the United States. Also see PLOTUS and FOB.

PPC - Congressional Progressive Caucus - see PC - Progressive Caucus

PPI - Progressive Policies Institute. The DLC "think tank" is the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI)(5), which admits to being a "Third Way" socialist organization: "The Progressive Policy Institute is a catalyst for political change. Its mission is to modernize progressive politics and government for the Information Age. Leaving behind the stale left-right debates of the industrial era, PPI is a prolific source of 'Third Way' thinking that is shaping the emerging politics of the 21st century." [Source: Fiedor Report #293.] Also see DLC and NDN. See Socialism Links below.

principal - the amount of money you borrow. Interest is the rent for the use of the principal.

productive spending - spending by Congress that does not cause taxes.

products - natural resources plus labor.

pyramid scheme - a deal where everybody makes big, easy money and few do any real work. Being realistic, I see that pyramid upside down, balancing precariously on one point

quid pro quo - This for that, as in an agreement; an equal exchange or substitution.

quarter - a three month period; 12 months divided by four

quarterly - every three months

R & D - Research and Development

real - real; tangible; can be touched by your hand.

REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust. Business group that does an unreal business of holding title to real estate for profit. Is typical of unreal blue sky operations.

Rhodes Scholars of Oxford. Also see Socialism Links below.

RINO - Republican In Name Only. Should not belong to the Republican Party.

S - Socialist; used as a party designation. E.g., Rep. Joe Dokes (S-VT), means he is a member of the Socialist Party. They don't like to say that in the House, so they call him an Independent. See Fron #204

SCOTUS - Supreme Court of the United States

sedition - UST 18 Sec. 2384. Seditious conspiracy. If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

simple interest - interest on principle only. See compound interest.

society - An unreal group of people. They do many kinds of like and different things in many inter-related ways. It is im-portant to remember that society is imaginary.

Socialism - see Socialism Links below.

SOTU - State of the Union; extraordinary essay by Doug Fiedor

Speaker - Speaker of the House of Representatives; the guy who runs that show.

spiked - kept from publication by the editor.

spin - distortion of truth; lies based on a sliver of truth. See information.

Spin meisters - hired parasites who distort the truth for pay; hired liars. See information.

spontaneous generation - also known as abiogenesis (ay’’ by o jen’ e sis), is defined as using non-living substance to create something living, perhaps hypothetically. The reference in this book is to money that is created from nothing and assumes living control of us real people. Mental Alien really plays on this motive.

staff bankers - employee staff of money handlers in a bank. Term copyright 1995 by Forest Glen Durland.

State 98 - State of the Union; extraordinary essay by Doug Fiedor

STOA - Scientific and Technological Options Assessment; Political control with nasty weapons. See FRON INDEX

stultify - make appear foolish

SUV - Sports Utility Vehicle

stats - statistics

steroids (and hormones) - substances that make plants, animals and people grow bigger faster.

sycophant - servile flatterer; parasite; useful idiot; follower; minion

tangible - real

taking the Hillary - don't remember, have no relocation of that, etc. Refers to taking the Fifth Amendment, which see.

talking heads - news readers; talking dummy; the hair spray set

talking points - something, such as an especially persuasive point, that helps to support an argument or a discussion.

Time Warp Factor - three, real exponential increases, superimposed on each other, that are enslaving the American people. Commandeered by the banklords, the three increases are: 1. money for jobs is not created with the loan, 2. labor time payments are removed from circulation, and 3. compound increase in debt liability. Since labor time is involved, time is considered as a real, fourth dimension. The Time Warp Factor is an equal and opposite reaction of the Triple Expo Factor. The rate of our enslavement is frightening, especially for our children and grandchildren. See Triple Expo Factor. See Theories.

TNC - the Nature Conservancy; is an envi. See Envis.

trade - As a noun, trade is business. As a verb, trade means to exchange, as money for products.

treasure-trove - place to store treasure, like your money in your private bank account is Switzerland.

Triple Expo Factor - three, unreal exponential increases, superimposed on each other, that are destroying America. Commandeered by the banklords, the three increases are: 1. interest payment money is not created with the loan 2. principal and interest payments are removed from circulation, and 3. compound interest. Since labor time is involved, time is considered as a real, fourth dimension. Other possible expos exist: time as a fourth expo, removal of credit as fifth, Triple Expo plus Time Warp actually create six, and a second use of bank reserves create six more. An Infinite Expo Factor is a possibility. The rate of our destruction is frightening, especially for our children and grandchildren. See Time Warp Factor. See Theories.

unreal - imaginary; intangible; cannot be touched by your hand; exits only in the human mind.

work week - a term used in MEL to indicate the total work week value of the workable force of American citizens.

 UN - United Nations. The UN Charter is a treaty, and a very dangerous one.

Unelected - not elected by the people. This may also mean politically correct,

a means by which those in power in government gain and maintain control.

USC - United States Code. The book of laws passed by Congress. Most of them are unconstitutional.

Washington beltway - Washington, D.C. business environment; government and media

Washington insiders - people who know what's going on in the Washington Beltway; government workers, lobbyists, media and lawyers

 Willard - noun - the real Clinton Legacy:

Willard is used as a name for frivolous and irresponsible behavior that is usually immoral and probably also illegal. And so has the word Willard instantly become a well-liked colloquialism and a trendy part of the popular lexicon for the next decade.

American: from the book AMERICAN RHAPSODY in which Willard is President Clinton’s name for his penis.
I.e., He pulled a Willard. Or,
“Will she win the election?”
“I don’t know. She’s a Willard.”
Slick Willie is a common nickname for Bill Clinton. Now it is Slick Willard. Note the intitials, SW.  Those initials also fit Smith and Wesson, the gun company that caved in to Clinton' gun grabbers. So now we have Smith and Willard, and Slick Wesson. The self respecting gun owners that I have talked to will never, ever buy another Smith and Willard. They will use a paint ball gun or a sling shot first. That company is dead. Real men don't like their gun companies caving in to Slick Willards.
The pre-Willard models of Smith and Willard are probably OK. Just don't show the name.

Democratic Party outfits

Fascism (same thing)

Facism - a ruling system giving government nearly total control of all people and all things. People retain private property ownership, but the government tells them what to do with it. Examples were government in Germany under Hitler's 4th Reich and in Italy under Mussolini during World War 2. Nazism under Hitler. Fascism is socialism under dictatorship.

Socialism - A system in which government owns all property and dictates to all, leaving little individual freedom; Communism. Examples were government under the old Soviet Union under Stalin in World War 2 and probably the current Bejing, China government.

An excellent discussion on this subject by Doug Fiedor will be found in two of his essays in his Fiedor Report On the News #220:



Fascism and Socialism are similar in that both seek to replace our Constitution and Constitutional Republic with totalitarianism. Socialism seeks governmental ownership of all property. Fascism allows private ownership of property, but tells the owner what to do with it. Historically, both Fascism and Socialism degrade in totalitarianism, as does Nazism, Communism and Democracy.

Fascism is supported by most Democrats, although they call it Socialism. Generally, those Democrats are a bunch of ding-dongs that no one in real life pays any attention to. But, they all make big noise. And, there's a lot of them. Besides, they are interesting to write about. They submit a lot of very strange (socialist/fascist) bills, but few are even considered, let alone passed. It's the DLC (stealth "Third Way"socialism) who gets the legislation passed -- usually as amendments to other bills.

The serious side of all of this is that they are installing a One World dictatorship, step by step, no matter what they are called. Charlotte Iserbyte explains that the mechanics for a UN dictatorship are in place. History tells us that our private guns must be confiscated before a dictatorship can take over. Better watch for that one.

Communism is closely related. Hayek (see below) on page 100 explains that Democracy, Socialism, Communism and Fascism all decay into Totalitarianism, which is a police state, which is a dictatorship. Read Orwell's 1984 for look into the future.

fascist (fshst) noun

1. Often Fascist . An advocate or adherent of fascism.
2.A reactionary or dictatorial person.

fascist (fshst) adjective

1. Often Fascist . Of, advocating, or practicing fascism.
2. Fascist. Of or relating to the regime of the Fascisti.

fascism (fshzem) noun

1. Often Fascism . a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

[Italian fascismo, from fascio, group, from Late Latin fascium, neuter of Latin fascis, bundle.] — fascistic (fe-shstk) adjective]

 [Fascism in socialism under dictatorship.]


See Hayek, F. A. Road to Serfdom, The. University of Chicago Press, 1994. Skip the new introduction by Milton Friedman

See Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Erik von. Leftism Revisited. Regnery, 1990. Personal friend of Hayek's.

Orwell, George. 1984. Harcourt, 1949.

The following contain hot web links from the Fiedor Report On the News Index

CDV = Center For Democratic Values

also see UN, UNESCO, WTO, AHRI, Demos, IMF, IPU



Below are excerpts from the

Fiedor Report Sub Index

CDV, Socialism, 191

Congressional Progressive Caucus - see Progressive Caucus

DSA, Described,191

DSA Detroit, 191

PC Aligns To Socialism, 191

PC, ProgressiveChallenge, Socialism, 191

PC - Progressive Causus

PPI - Progressive Policies Institute

SD, Social Democrats, 191

SI, Socialists Intl Describe, 191

SI, Socialists Intl, London, 191

SI, Socialists Intl Leading, 191








Blair, Brit Prime Minister, 72

Blaire on 3rd Way, 134

Blair, Schroeder, Kok, D'Alema, 160


Commy goals near complete, list, 155

Communism, Third Way, 72

Demo Platform Is Socialist, 85

Fabian Society is Socialist, 134

Fabian, Rhodes, Oxford, 3rd Way, 160

Hitler, guns, 133

Hitler, 92

Hitler, State of the Union 1998 by Fiedor

IMF recipients vote against US in UN, 98

Isms - see above.

Oxford and Rhodes Scholars, 95

Rhodes Scholars, 95

Rhodes Scholars, 3rd Way, 72

socialism, Cuba, Canada, 82

Socialist groups, 105

SOC/CP/198, guns, 156


Socialist lesson to America, 151

Socialist links, Bradley, 152


Third Way - also see Blair, Fabian, Rhodes

Third Way - Also see Sub Index, Clinton

Third  Way, Clinton, 160

Third Way, description, 160

Third Way, Kyoto, 63

Third Way, laws passed , 72



Third Way Socialists links, 152




List of Agencies

of interest to Fiedor Report On the News readers.

Due to the many, many agencies controlling our every breath and movement, this is a partial list.

The long list is in Topics. Some are grouped for your convenience.

The short list is below.

Some links are to the Fiedor Report On the News Index and

Fiedor Report On the News Contents. Look in there for tidbits.


Federal Enforcement Agencies

of interest to the Fiedor Report On the News newsletter


Border Patrol - The federal agency assigned to protecting our borders.

They have been a joke for years. See Immigration; see ICE

CBP - U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, the Border Patrol's parent agency. See Immigration.

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency. Also see Fiedor Report On the News Index

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation. Also see Fiedor Report On the News Index

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency. Also see the Fiedor Report On the News Index

ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement. New office by Bush 2 in '04.

INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service. They have been a joke for years. See Immigration; see ICE.

Note: The Border Patrol, CBP and INS may now be under the Office of Homeland Security.

IRS - Internal Revenue Service. Unconstitutional, armed. See Tax Stuff and Fiedor Report On the News Index

NGO - National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NSA - National Security Agency. Also see Fiedor Report On the News Index. Look for Echelon.

USA Patriot Act

Homeland Security

Note: The Border Patrol, CBP and INS may now be under the Office of Homeland Security.

List of Snoops and Spooks

List of Control Items



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