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Sir GalaHadEnuf


We are feeding a monster that is consuming us while we protect it! Have we gone loco or what? Or are we so afraid of the monster that we are dare not make it angry. Never fear, my subjects, all worthy.

Gallant Sir GalaHadEnuf, the most loyal, is riding to our rescue.

Fortunately, there is an escape but only one. The monster must be destroyed. Fortunately, the monster money eating dragon, all powerful, has a tender death spot. Though ruthless and devastating, it is fragile to those knowing its weakness. Since it is unreal, the solution is to simply quit thinking about it. Since it has Congress, all hedging, enthralled, we must help Congress, still all hedging, to quit thinking about it and do something. Here is what Congress, still all the more hedging, must do:

Abolish the Federal Reserve System (the Fed), a truly sinister debauchery, for that is the haunted castle that is the lair for this monster money eating dragon, all powerful. That should be easy to do, for the Fed, a truly sinister debauchery, is also unreal. All Congress, all hedging, needs to do is abolish the Fed, a truly sinister debauchery, and all its hide-outs, including the Export-Import Bank, a most carnal out-house. That will do away with the source of the life giving, debt money food that feeds that terrible monster money eating dragon, all powerful, eating faster always by a sneaky, but almighty, Triple Expo Factor. It will die almost immediately.

However, the Fed, a truly sinister debauchery, must be replaced immediately with a nicer castle that will allow only worthy subjects, all trustworthy. Otherwise, another silver tongued con artist from the same sneaky, but almighty, Triple Expo Factor family of stingy, yet omnipotent, banklords might assume the form of another evil, but cleverly calculating, Dr. Fedenstein the Second, lurking about, concocting sinister plots to destroy our country from within, and might build a new and even worse haunted Second Oligarchy Fed castle, an even more truly sinister debauchery, in the same place, and then create another terrible monster money eating dragon, all the more powerful. Forsooth, we must employ only good subjects, all trustworthy, in that nice castle, for no castle is any safer than the subjects, all trustworthy, in attendance.

Translation: The Federal Reserve System must be abolished. For all its relentless strength, it is very weak. For those who know its one vulnerability, the answer is simple: Without their debt money system, the banklords are powerless. Without their Federal Reserve System, they have no hold on us people. Congress must abolish the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) and all related legislation, abolish the Export-Import Bank, establish a DFMS (a Debt Free Monetary System), set a spending control on Congress, make the banker’s month 20 days and make the banker’s year 240 days, and amend the Constitution to allow only our federal government to issue and control money, including paper currency.

The simple and best way to start is to

force Congress to create the money it needs,

but not too much, and never, ever again borrow.

Any national debt at all

is absolutely insane.

In case you didn’t know,

the bankers create money

by simply entering an amount in their computer.

They even admit it.

That is all there is to creating money.

So, if it is that simple,

Congress could do that and

never even start any debt.

It is legal.

In fact, that is what

our Constitution instructs Congress to do.


When Congress begins creating our money, it will break the vice grip the banklords have on us and our economy. That little trick will blow the banking fraud wide open, high, wide and hand-some! And, I might add, it will never be one bit to soon. It is long overdue.

 The Setting and Plot

We are approaching the entrance to the haunted castle, serving as the

 Over the cave entrance hangs a jagged and ominous sign, painted with faded blood:

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Within the bat infested, foreboding chambers is the monster money eating dragon, all powerful:


The Action


Sir Galahad


Sir Galahadenuf, the most loyal, galloping on his steed, all mighty, to Congress, all hedging, to stay their dragon, all powerful.

The Story

Old England


The moral to this story is simple, yet profound.

Congress must create our money, but not too much,

instead of borrowing it.

That trick will thrust a lethal blow to the banking fraud and

expose it for all to see.

Let the trumpets of the people sound the victory!

If you believe in the Federal Reserve System,

you have professed your belief in the Dragon:

the three toed sloth - duckbilled platypus - money eating dragon

with cactus skin with poison barbs and a rattlesnake tail with a scorpion tip,

all powerful.



For money creation, see Create not Borrow and ABCs of Money.




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