Money versus Currency


Explaining that money is unreal, imaginery, intangible


Much confusion exits about money and currency. (Note the color assigments.) As you have no doubt figured out, the IBLs (International Banklords) like it that way because it blows out a natural smoke screen that plays right in to their greedy pockets. Farmers Credit Tickets was left as simple as possible to make it interesting for you. Its purpose was to get the basic idea of money across to you. Here, now, is an explanation of the difference between money and currency.

Two concepts exist that must be understood. If you don’t grasp these two concepts, the banklords will continue to enslave you by making you work for them for free. Not too good a thought, is it? So, let’s fix it. Okay? Good. The two concepts are

1. Money is unreal, meaning imaginary, intangible.

2. Currency is NOT money, but merely represents money.

1. Money is unreal. Money is imaginary.

That is the first concept to grasp.

Unreal means imaginary, meaning it can not be held in your hands.

It is absolutely imperative that you understand that money exists only in the human mind. You can not hold money in your hand, not you, not any one. Money exists as an unreal concept to enable us to run our economy easier. Money must only represent the value of human labor (including services) and the natural resources labor touches. (See MEL.) Being unreal, money can NOT be printed.

Some analogies from our every day life will help to explain these concepts. The numbers and numerals that we studied in school are imaginary, meaning unreal. Plain, old numbers are unreal. When attached to something real, they take on more meaning, but the numbers are still unreal. When attached, numbers represent a certain amount of something real or unreal. In that way numbers are like currency that represents unreal money. Let’s consider 3 apples. The apples are real, but the 3 is unreal. Instead of saying apple, apple, apple, we can say 3 apples. That is convenient. We are using an unreal idea to make communication easier.

Later in school, in algebra, we learned that x could equal something we needed to find. That x is certainly unreal, but it is useful in finding an unreal number that can be attached to something real. In algebra we use unreal to find more unreal, and it works well to our benefit. Then we learned about negative numbers. They were appropriately called imaginary and minus. Negative numbers can exist only in our human mind, but they are handy to use to find other numbers and to represent an absence. A negative amount of money can mean how much we must dig up to pay our bills. That’s handy, though painful, and is unreal, though binding. The positive numbers are called real numbers, but are they really real? This may be the subject of another thesis. But anyway, you get the idea. In math we learn to use imaginary concepts that are useful in thinking and communicating.

If you continued in math, you learned about i, the square root of minus one. It does not exist and can not be changed to a real number. But its concept is handy to use in finding other numbers.

For those of you who don’t like math, let’s take a look at literature. There is fiction, which means unreal, and there is non-fiction, which means real. Fiction is a story that never was real. Non-fiction is a story that once was real.

Then there are pictures. Let’s compare art with photographs. A picture painted by an artist is that artist’s unreal conception. It may be of a real subject, but it is nonetheless the artist’s conception, or unreal idea, of what it looks like. Most photographs, on the other hand, are a true representation of the subject. True, they can be altered, but a straight photo tends to be real, even if it does capture your bad angle.

So, understanding the idea that money is an imaginary concept should not be too difficult. We understand how to use unreal numbers to find real (?) numbers. We understand the difference between art and photographs and fiction and non-fiction. Now, apply that idea to currency and money. Currency is something real that we use to represent something unreal, money. This is convenient. We can not hold unreal money in our hands, but we can grasp and trade real currency that represents our unreal money. It is extremely useful in our lives. Without money, we would be forced to trade eggs for shoes in the terribly awkward and slow process of barter. Our economy would come to a screeching halt. The imaginary concept of money is very useful in representing values (which are also unreal). Money represents value which represents real things such as human labor. (See MEL.) This enables us to trade amounts of money which represents value instead of actually trading eggs for shoes. Currency speeds up the process, making it faster and easier.

2. Money is NOT currency. Currency is NOT money.

That is the second concept to grasp. Currency merely represents money.

Since money is unreal, it would be convenient to have something real to represent it. We need something we can get our hands on to use in our daily lives. So, we used our human mind and invented currency to represent money. Now we have something real that we can hold in our hands and use to exchange value. But beware of a pitfall. It is much too easy to start calling currency money, and that is where we get into a heap of economic trouble. People get to thinking that printing currency is printing money, but that is far from the truth. Printing currency is just that: Simply printing ink on paper.

Currency is printed on paper or minted from cheap metal.

Money is created, not printed.

We can't print something that is imaginary.

By their own words, banklords create money by making an entry in a ledger, usually in a computer. That is all in the world there is to creating money. When you get a loan from your bank, the banker enters the loan amount in his ledger. Then he enters that amount in your checking account and poof! That money was created out of nothing, just like that. Then you can start writing checks. That banker created that money out of nothing, and now you must pay him interest for it. On the national scale, that crafty little trick has created the national debt. Read Bank to learn about interest free banking that is more in line with our Constitution. We should not be obligated to pay a private banker.

Well, now, let’s stop to think about that for awhile. If money is created by making an entry in a ledger, then that money must be imaginary. Indeed, money is totally unreal! The real paper and metal that we hold in our hands is currency that only represents unreal money.

By the way, coins are currency. Paper bills and metal coins are currency. Please remember that important fact.

The amount of currency we have depends on the amount of money in the economy. If we are short on money, we run short on currency. Operating behind closed doors to secret chambers, the private, billionaire banklords totally control the amount and direction of money in our economy. In turn, that limits the amount of currency we can get our hands on. They never allow us to have enough money for us to be prosperous. This will all make sense when you realize that private bankers can not exist without debt - our debt. The banklords must keep us people in debt if those banklords are to survive and maintain a tight control over us people and our economy. Those closed doors to the secret chambers that the private, billionaire banklords hide behind are on the Federal Reserve System, their phony store front hiding the biggest scam in recorded history. And, brother, are we ever paying for it big time. Their share is the national debt. We get to pay for it in federal taxes and miserable living standards. Thanks a lot, you guys.

So, what do we do about it?

Well, our Constitution directs our Congress to create our money for us. Since Congress is we people, if Congress created our money, we wouldn’t owe anyone even one dime for it. We would not have any national debt at all. But in 1913, Congress gave that privilege of creating money away to private banklords, who really pulled a fast one over on Congress. As you no doubt have observed in the past, private banklords do not give money away, so they charge us for creating our money. The current bill is the national debt. How stupid can everyone get?

Even first grade kids can figure out that if they make something, they can keep it. They made it, so they don’t have to pay anyone for it. It is theirs and nobody can take it from them. And so with our money. If we make it, we won’t have to pay anyone for it. It is ours and no one can take it from us, not even the United Nations. So why in thunder are we paying $trillions to private banklords? Any fool can make an entry in a computer ledger. I thought that was why we had the Treasury Department.

First graders usually can not separate the real from the unreal. Both exist as real in their young minds. All imaginary things are real things to them. If father pretends to break mother’s neck, the child will scream bloody murder, for that child does not understand that kind of play. That pretend act was real and horrifying to that child.

But we adults do have one thing over the first graders. We have the mature ability to tell the difference between real things and unreal things. All we have to do is use it. Unfortunately, to the tune of our national debt, our Congress is living in an imaginary world of make believe, first grade level. They think that money is real. The even think that currency is money. As a result, the banklords just go right on playing their make believe fantasy with them and continue to grasp more and more control over all of us. That has to be the height of gullibility. The problem is, that game is deadly, for those merciless banklords are destroying our government and mentally enslaving us people, all for their mercenary greed.

Congress MUST cease borrowing and CREATE all reasonably needed money.

That is what must be done about it.

All else will fail until that first step is taken.

This is one concept where the first graders have it all over most adults. The kids can figure out that if they make something themselves, they will not have to pay for it. They made it and they can keep it. No one can take it from them.

 That is what we people must do to get that initial step taken.

We people must stand as one, mature America and force the first graders out of Congress.

We require mature adults in there that will support us people, not the billionaire banklords’ game of fantasy.

But to be mature, we people must understand and believe that money is totally unreal, and that currency merely represents money. Otherwise the billionaire banklords will use their mainstream media to brainwash us into thinking their thoughts again, and we will be right back to where we started - working for the banklords for free.

I call it mental slavery.

After all, we are working, using our mind, to pay homage to the banklords for a debt not of our making. Sure sounds like slavery to me. Think about it. Unless you like donating about half of your labor time to the banklords like you are doing currently, you darn well better climb on our Congress and tell them what’s up. Wasted labor and the national debt are absolutely insane.

The really good part of it all is that it is so very simple to fix. Simply tell Congress to quit their infernal borrowing and create needed money debt free. How much simpler can we get? And if Congress can’t seem to get the point, recall them from office. Then vote in someone who has some of our kind of grown-up smarts.

You have that power.

So, unless you like working as a slave,

you better do it!

NOW !!!

Write that letter. Make that phone call.

  You don't have to wait until election time to do it.

Now it is time to read all about MEL.


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